straight pride, straight pride flag, straigh rainbow, straight pride parade, straight pride day

House Approves Sao Paulo Straight Pride Day

straight pride, straight pride flag, straigh rainbow, straight pride parade, straight pride day

The Municipality of São Paulo approved on Tuesday (2) the bill 294/2005, Alderman Carlos Apolinario (DEM), establishing in the town, the Straight Pride Day. The project depends only sanction of the mayor of São Paulo, Gilberto Kassab, to become law.

The text proposes that the date should be celebrated every third Sunday of the month of December. The bill establishes that the date will appear on the official calendar of the city and says it will be up to the Municipality of São Paulo “raise awareness and encourage the public to safeguard the morals and good customs.”

Author of the project, Councilman Carlos Apolinario said the bill is not against the gay community. “I appeal for respect for the gay human figure,” he said. Apolinario said the project was only one way to speak out against “excesses and privileges” for the gay community. He said one of the privileges is the realization of LGBT Parade at Avenida Paulista while the March for Jesus was moved to the area north of the city.

Ah yes, the excesses of being internationally persecuted because of the way you were born and the privilege of lacking the same equal rights as your heterosexual neighbors. It’s about time someone spoke out against the unfair advantages awarded to LGBT Brazilians!

Mayor Gilberto Kassab must now decide whether to veto the bizarre proposal or let it pass.


  • Privilege and the gay community?? ROTFLMFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOOOOOOOOO WHAT PLANET IS HE FROM??????!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • I agree for the most part, but i can see where they’re coming from if a religious parade was forced to move outside of the city, it makes sense to retaliate in a small way because it seems that the majority is being pushed into the margin by disallowing one of their customs to be celebrated within the city.  honestly i have no idea what this Jesus parade is or whether it fosters an environment of intolerance, but it really shouldn’t since Jesus was all about loving thy neighbor and not judging.  Anyway, if the straights need a day to celebrate their love and lifestyle, I say  more power to them just so long as they’re as accepting of us on straight pride as we are of straights on gay pride.

  • Emily Phillips

    That reminds me, White History Month is coming up soon.

  • Darek M

    Even Straight rainbows are so gay. 

  • Nathan Clymer

    As far as them having one, I’m ok with that. I think that every belief, race, and lifestyle should have a way to celebrate, however, the reason WHY they are doing it is wrong. Gay people have been persecuted for years for how they are and PRIDE has always been a way for us to fight against that in a friendly, non-aggressive way. For them to say that it’s to “speak out against ‘excesses and privileges’ for the gay community” is a very uneducated, inconsiderate, and arrogant thing to say.

  • Its still a rainbow. They should’ve pick something more straight like a… a straight line ? Stupid shit.

  • ShowMeGuy

    Every Day is Straight Pride Day.

  • William N. Cate III


  • I have no problem with straight people.  I even have some straight friends!

    I just wish they’d keep it in the bedroom — why do they have to flaunt their sexuality so much?

    [[For anyone just tuning in, this is 100% tongue-in-cheek.  No flames, please.]]

  • Michael Cooke

    Yeah well, who will show up for the parade? Will it become a debauchery  of a parade with topless girls being groped by guys in g-strings with erections? Or married couples marching together in conservative clothing like a latter day breeder version of the Mattachine society?

    Really the idea of Gay pride only is relevant as a counter to Gay shame. Is there a ‘straight’ shame to counter with pride? Well, actually there is. The Christian memes that attack homosexuality also attack heterosexuality! So if breeders will have a pride day, I hope they have a Hooter’s float – the local porn store’s float and whores on mopeds – because that would allow it to have some genuine relevance to it!

  • Willow Ehrenreich

    That image is from T-Shirt Hell, a company known for offensive humor. It’s one of their t-shirt designs.

  • Kit Foxley

    Good gracious, there’d be men kissing women in public! Holding hands, even! God forbid they might even hang all over each other and remind us all that somewhere, behind closed doors, there are *men* having sex with *women*.   I am 100% against straight pride. Where is their good, Christian sense of shame?

  • Misterr Leo

    I live in Sao Paulo and yep, this is insane. But this is something thay call a project of law, and many of those never really turn out into anything. Besides that, Brazil also has a holiday so called ‘African-Brazilian Conscience Day’ and this would fall under the same category of having a WHITE day! But yah, plain ignorant.