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How Many Songs Are Hiding In Born This Way?

gay blog, gay news, gay friendly, youtube
Go Cheeks Go!

How many songs can you find in Born This Way? Listen on, brave unicorns, to hear what musical treasures YouTube star Cheeks has managed to unearth. Go Cheeks Go!

Pretty good pipes on the boy. Props, brotherman!

Did Cheeks miss anything?

  • Oh, Cheeks <3

  • I find this guy very annoying

  • I think he’s a babe. 😀

  • Anonymous

    Any song with that late 80’s dance feel can be associated with any number of other songs, but the bottom line is that born this way has it’s own melody, it’s own rhythms and especially its own message.

    The song isn’t revolutionary or innovative because the message of the song calls for a sense of mainstream pop classic and the melody is in service of the message.

    And I’m not over-analyzing, I’m saying the obvious. Cheeks is cute, but really what he demonstrates is how the songs he’s trying to shoehorn into gaga’s melodies, they don’t fit. It’s a valiant effort though.

  • James Smith

    All I have to say, is WOW! Atleast I’m not the only one that hears more then one song hidden in that new song.

  • Sierra Vail

    So lets forget about the message of the song, lets just over-analyze it and try to see who she “ripped off”…

    Get a life people.

  • hahahah he missed Erasure her song sonds like their style of music too <3 beautiful voice

  • Just gotta say, Fever was written by Gaga. So then it’s not her ripping off Glambert. 🙂 It’s her ripping off… Herself?

  • get the eff over it. seriously. Songs are always going to sound like other songs. there is no way around it. can’t we just focus on what the song is about and what the message is that the song is trying to convey? or how about “Dj’s got us falling in love again” v.s. “i need somebody to love.” “Tik-Tok” v.s “teenage dream.” im just sayin.

  • you did a great job cheeks! i am in no way upset with you making this video or what anyone else has said in comparison to other songs. Im just frustrated with the whole “compare other songs to lady gaga’s songs” movement. that is all.

  • This guy makes me ashamed of being gay…. no wonder we get beat up.

  • Honestly guys, let Cheeks do his thing. We are all different from each other and the gay community should defenitly understand that. Even though the controversy about this is mostly over on this blog but whoever comes across this message should be wise………… me lol