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I Have Sex

gay blog, gay news, planned parenthood
Me too. And I'm really good at it.

Our little gay blog that could told you all about how the U.S. House of Representatives voted to end federal funding for Planned Parenthood. The current republican majority also seeks to defund NPR and PBS to boot, but the Planned Parenthood attack seemed particularly brazen considering the fact that…well, we all have sex.

Wesleyan Uncut and a group of American students put together a candid and adorably honest video about why Planned Parenthood is so important to millions of young Americans. We have sex. Or our friends do. Or we have periods. Or we use birth control and lube. We have sex.

We’re beyond impressed with these kids. Take a peek at their work.

If you agree with these guys, or if you too have sex, share this post on Facebook and update your status to say “I Have Sex.” Because we do.

  • great to see more and more people showing their thoughts and concerns.

  • Ashley Valencia

    Awesome. They did a truly amazing job, glad to see more people stepping up and saying something. Will share this.

  • Anonymous

    Planned Parenthood deserves to loose it’s federal funding. Yes, teens have sex. We need access to information and protection, but PP is not the place to get it. If you’ll do the research you will see how corrupt they are. They encourage abortions, and there is proof that many of their facilities DO even give late-term abortions still. There are accounts of them pushing women to do it, shaming them into a choice, and even holding a girl down and forcing her to go through with an abortion after she had already changed her mind. I’m not saying that every single PP facility doesn’t follow the guidelines, but many don’t. I don’t want my tax dollars or my mom’s going towards something like that. Over one-third of PP’s annual revenue comes from abortions- about $143,000,000 every year. THIS is why they push it so much, but if the government quits funding them the other two-thirds and gives them a reason to pay attention to what the people actually want then maybe they will shape up. We can still have access to condoms and testing from the nurse office at school or a local health department.

  • j

    its kind-of ignorant that you even believe what you are saying

  • Because the government gives schools enough money to do give out condoms, give PROPER sexual education, etc. Right? Wrong. The schools don’t have the money to do those things.

    Also, I’d like to see your proof that “most” PP offices do the things you claim, as I’ve merely heard of isolated incidents. Should we cut tax breaks to chruches because a number of priests/pastors/etc. molest children? No, no one would ever suggest that.

    Until you show that you’re right, I’m simply going to count you as yet another person that doesn’t know anything about the subject they’re debating.

  • Brad Hines

    I find that planned parenthood does an awful job about communicating the services that are available. I went in to get an HIV/AIDS test this weekend and I was turned away. Nobody at the facility (despite obviously having nurses on staff) wanted to perform the test. The office was totally empty yet I couldn’t get any testing done. Why are we as taxpayers paying for this if they cannot do simple things like a mouth swab?