‘Ignite’ Campaign Threatens to Derail Gay Rights Nationwide

This is some scary sh*t. Anti-gay rights organizations are mobilizing to take advantage of a mass cash infusion from unknown sources, and ensure that they continue their pro-life, pro-discrimination agendas nationwide.

The campaign, officially titled “Ignite An Enduring Cultural Transformation,” seeks to build off of the perceived momentum from the contentious November 2010 Elections, and “turn a moment into a movement.”

Each individual state organization has their own state plan, which allows them to work steadily on their agenda on a state-by-state basis.  They can work swiftly and with less heat from nationwide media.

Under the radar, they intend to use a faith-based strategy of Education, Legislation, and Providing Accountability to fulfill their agenda. Each plan will be customized to the state:

Attacks from those who work to undermine Life, Liberty, Marriage, and the Family are more sophisticated, more aggressive, and more frequent than ever.

“We the people” spoke loud and clear in November 2010, but that one moment, by itself, will not achieve the cultural transformation we seek. Achieving transformation requires a lasting movement working strategically in key culture-defining areas.

“Ignite” is a two-year plan designed to fan the embers of November 2010 into a lasting movement built to achieve enduring cultural transformation.

This is serious, people. This is a nationwide movement, funded in 15 states by unknown sources and mobilizing on the local level to ensure that gay rights see no progress – and are set back by decades. Federal rights become less powerful since many states will have already been corrupted and infiltrated by bigots using their faith as a poker to ignite the rights of a persecuted minority in the United States.

While these are predominantly Republican states, we must realize that no matter how far we have come, there are many people still out to get us. It amazes me how much time these people are taking to strip us of our rights, but here’s what they’re up to:

  • Louisiana Family Forum’s Ignite plan: $225,000 to defeat “homosexual adoption and marriage.” Endorsed by Governor Jindal: “We look forward to many more pro-life, pro-family victories in the years ahead.”
  • South Daktota Family Policy Council’s Ignite plan: $72,600 to force women seeking abortions to speak to faith-based counselors first. primary goal of Ignite campaign is to “defeat Equality SD’s “radical gay-rights legislation.”
  • Massachusetts Family Institute’s Ignite plan: $148,000 to defeat a transgender bathroom bill, a student religious freedoms bill and anti-abortion rights. Endorsed by Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney: “MFI has a track record of getting things done on behalf of Massachusetts families and is uniquely positioned to accomplish even more in the years to come.”
  • Family Foundation of Virginia’s Ignite plan: $1,170,277 to push for “wrongful death of the unborn,” school choice and religious freedoms. Endorsed by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, who said in the document: “It is difficult to imagine how Virginia would look today without The Family Foundation’s vigilant grassroots programs and the dedicated men and women who are the heart and soul of this proud institution.”
  • Family Policy Council of West Virginia’s Ignite plan: $168,000 to pass constitutional amendment against gay marriage and civil unions, and to defeat LGBT non-discrimination laws.
  • Minnesota’s Ignite Plan: $4.71 million to pass an anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment.
  • Center for Arizona Policy’s Ignite Plan: Endorsed by Senator John Kyl and Representative Trent Franks:“With all the external challenges that we face in this country, the internal one is the greatest.”
  • Pennsylvania Family Institute’s Ignite plan: $1.5 million for anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage constitutional amendement. PFI President Michael Greer calls Ignite “the most important plan we’ve ever undertaken.”
  • Indiana Family Institute’s Ignite plan: $498,000 to defund Planned Parenthood and to pass an anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment.
  • Florida Family Council’s Ignite plan: $300,000 to “defeat the radical homosexual agenda.” Endorsed by Senator Marco Rubio:“FFPC’s successes in education, legislation and accountability have made them an indispensable asset in promoting and defending traditional values.”
  • New Jersey Family Policy Council’s Ignite plan: $1.326 million to defeat any same-sex marriage laws and to require parental notification for minors seeking abortions.
  • Family Action Council of Tennessee, Kansas Family Policy Council, and the Cornerstone Family Council of Idaho are also using the Ignite strategy.

Sigh. This was the most depressing thing I’ve ever researched, but it has left me fired up and angry that such a movement is afoot in the United States. Let’s be sure to be vigilant, and supportive of those people and organizations that are pro-equality and pro-democracy.

  • OMG it’s like they took papyrus and just masked out fire with the text. I don’t know which is uglier…the movement…or that logo.

    Were they on crack when they made their website look like Hell?

  • Trenton Flock

    Thank you for this research. I’m getting the word out to my Christian friends to turn the dialog around within their own churches and fight back against theocracy and faith-based discrimination. There are many moderates who are tired of religion being used to hurt and diminish others rather than to promote dicta such as “love thy neighbor” and “judge not lest ye be judged.” Some of the best outreach that we can do is to these moderate Christians so that they can confront bigotry around them with facts and appeal to the hard-hearted, un-Christlike Christians out there in a language that they can understand.

  • Hehe, with that outer glow too…

    *Shudder* morons, assholes and bigots should have to pay a little extra for Photoshop… especially if they’re not just one of but all of the above.

  • Thanks for researching this. <3

    It's disgusting and
    . We'll just have to fight back? Raise up, turn dialog around, show as much support as we can for what we believe in, turn this back on them. It doesn't matter. If we band together I believe we can make them either stay at bay or go away. We just have to fight fire with fire.

    (Or, at least, hideous fire logo with fire.)

  • Owen R. Broadhurst

    Please do not call the pending Massachusetts bill a ‘bathroom’ bill. It is a bill to bar discrimination in all public accommodations. When so very much of the War we shall be waging (a thus far one sided War being waged against US) is being waged on the war front of public opinion, it is important – I believe – to reveal the code words and language employed by MassResistance and the Massachusetts Family Institute as the hateful lies that they are.

  • Anonymous

    Next they’ll be burning redheads at the stake

  • Anonymous

    Where is “our” progressive movement? Where is the flame of passion on our side of the debate? Elections can take everyone by surprise as they did in 2010, so why aren’t we mobilizing people now? Tell your friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers to help support EQUALITY!!!!!

  • The torch at the bottom of page 6 is the scariest thing for me; even the name Ignite seems like a subtle threat.

  •  These are religious fanatics pushing their “christian” version of Sharia laws!!! Let us expose them for the bigoted hate-filled “christian” equivalent of islamic extremists that they are!!! 

  • John Robert

    Apparently the only opinion allowed is the homosexual one…

  • Owen R. Broadhurst

     Yours was allowed. Of what sexual orientation are you?

  • ShowMeGuy

    I’m so tired of Godless *christians* and Old Glory wavers who think the Constitution only applies to them. 

  • ShowMeGuy

    We can’t be bothered with that stuff now. We have the new Lady Gaga album to listen to. 

  • John Bovay

    The driving force behind the above likely involves the movement described in the first three articles in this link sheet:


  • John Bovay

    “Must be approved by a moderator” Censorship inhibits the free flow of ideas…

  • John Bovay

    Actually the ‘Christian’ right are ignoring the Constitution…, along with Thomas Jefferson (who was recently removed from new school books in Texas and thus effectively in most other States as well), evolution and global warming etc.

    Check the HOW GAYS ARE BEING USED TO CREATE A THEOCRACY link above for links on these issues.

  • Don’t you just love the way they say “undermine life, liberty, marriage” as if WE are the ones trying to take something FROM them? Such ignorance. These folks get all kinds of funding yet, most of us street activists are paying out of our own pockets to do the work we do because, for some reason, our community only funds lobbyists.

  • Wow.  One of the best UB Items I’ve ever read.  Definitely important. Thanks.