IL Catholic Diocese Ends ALL Adoption, Fires 58, Rather Than Allow Gay Adoption

We told you in March about the Illinois investigation into Christian religious organizations receiving state funding while simultaneously discriminating against gays and lesbians by not permitting them to adopt from the many Christian foster homes and caregiver centers in the state.

The charges were clear cut and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, Gov. Pat Quinn’s legal team and the Department of Child and Family Services ordered religious institutions in the state who were receiving public dollars to immediately put the kabosh on their homophobic ways, direct violations of Illinois’ anti-discrimination laws.

Faced with an opportunity to make good on years of illegal discrimination, the Illinois Catholic Diocese has instead shut down their entire adoption center, and terminated the employment of the 58 workers who ran the organization.

58 workers are laid off after the Catholic Diocese of Rockford chooses to end all adoption and foster care services through catholic charities.

It’s in response to the Illinois legislature’s failure to enact an amendment to the Illinois Religious Freedom and Civil Unions Act, that would allow them to refer gay and unmarried couples to other agencies.

This announcement was a surprise, but some of the people laid off came to show support for the decision.

Leslie Montoya worked for a year serving children under the Diocese until Thursday morning when she found out she was laid off.

“My first thought was we work so hard for the children to have stability in their lives to have permanency and this is another thing that is going to be removed from their lives. A worker they’ve been working with several months possibly a few years and that person’s just going to disappear.”

Kelly Hendrickson is also unemployed now that Catholic Charities won’t be offering state funded adoption or foster care services.

Absolutely shameful. What would Jesus do, indeed!

All of this comes on the heels of even worse news out of the Catholic Church. Yesterday, Pope Benedict’s Vatican Advisor on Pedophilia was arrested and charged with multiple accounts of pedophilia.

How can people in good conscience support this child-raping, illegally discriminating organization any longer?

(via WREX)

  • So pretty much what their saying is that instead of giving them a good home with 2 moms or 2 dads where they can be loved and nurtured, the diocese wants to keep all the little boys for themselves. I’m Catholic (and gay) and I even think it’s bullsh*t what these priest and bishops do (especially the pedophilia adviser of the pope who was arrested on pedophilia) Church and state need to be COMPLETELY SEPARATE and considering children in foster care and adoption are in the STATE then the church needs to stay the hell out of it 

  • These people ought to be ashamed of themselves! What about those children! I’m horrified. 

  • Carolann Potee

    Well, they have to do something with those kids. At least this way, the kids will probably be sent away to be adopted out by places run by people who aren’t such bigoted asshats.

  • Jim

    New York did the same thing years ago. Better those kids never find
    homes than find ones with loving parents who just happen to be gay.
    Jesus would smack the crap out of you people.

  • Jason Shreeve

    I think that why the people who were laid off supported the decision so the children will go to better foster care facility.