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After Being Censored, Jackie Beat’s ‘I’m Blowing Boomer’ Is Back Online Where It Belongs

Jackie Beat is one of our favorite drag queens. She is one of the funniest working queens in the business, making people laugh with her hilarious parody songs of top 40 hits and gay cult classics. But what’s no laughing matter is the fact that YouTube recently censored her content. After uploading her new music video “I’m Blowing Boomer” to YouTube, the video was taken down less than 48 hours later.

Sure, the video is about giving a blow job to a porn star – but the actual video itself doesn’t contain anything that x-rated. It features a shirtless Banks goofily dancing around with emojis covering his booty and junk. At one point, Beat does go down on Banks, but you can’t see any actual eggplant – just a few pubes. Alaska Thunderfuck joins the fun later in the video, also going down on the very well endowed porn star. But again, it’s off camera, suggestive and silly.

The video or song will not be winning any MTV Music Video or Grammy Awards anytime soon, but it’s still campy and gay as fuck. It was probably flagged by all alt-right and ultra conservative trolls, upset that two drag queens and a gay porn star are parading their queerness visibly for everyone to see.

This has been a trend on social media.

Earlier this year, we reported that Bible Girl, a popular drag queen based in New York City, was kicked off Instagram for no reason. Also, queer web show host Johnny MCGovern was having trouble getting his videos approved by YouTube. A process that usually takes a few days resulted in weeks of waiting for them be processed, delaying the start of his show “Hey Qween.”

These deactivated accounts and delays are possibly another example of LGBT influencers being censored on social media, similar to YouTube’s recent classification of LGBT content as “adult.”

Alaska Thunderfuck told us: “I don’t know if what’s going on with Instagram is an algorithm gone awry, other users campaigning against profiles they don’t like by flagging and reporting posts, or if this is actually an act of homophobic and transphobic discrimination on the part of Instagram.”

“So we need to stay vigilant and ask questions as to why these things are happening and to see that they don’t continue happening.”

Thankfully, after our article was published, Bible Girl’s Instagram was reinstated. Jackie Beat’s video for “I’m Blowing Boomer” is back where it belongs too, behind a wall that verifies age and warns viewers of it’s tawdry subject matter.

Hey, it’s better than not being online at all. Visibility matters, even if it is a cheesy video of drag queens and porn stars dancing around in their underwear. If we start with this, what will be next?

  • Anthony Verdi

    Kudos to Jackie for manufacturing some much-needed attention, but the truth is that the only controversy is how someone so talented could make something so bad. It’s just not funny or…well it’s not much of anything but embarrassing. Jackie ruled the 90s and ))s, but RPDR’s success has ruined her. This is sad.

  • Jackie Beat

    I would much rather be the person actually doing SOMETHING – whether it’s successful or funny or not – than the person merely commenting ON something from the safety of their smartphone or lap top. Read your comment again. Essentially you’re saying I should just give up and go away? Thanks.

  • Anthony Verdi

    That’s not at all what I am saying. I’m saying you should save the fuss and fight over censorship for work that is worthy. This isn’t the groundbreaking, envelope-pushing hilarity of your reputation. It’s you pretending to blow a prostitute. While singing about it. Come on, girl.

  • Jackie Beat

    Sorry, I guess my arm is a little tired after pushing that envelope for almost 30 years. I should have added a death drop.

  • riddikulusranter

    Thx Jackie! You keep us visible and entertained!

  • Commentator8

    I don’t like that the new Youtube guidelines puts a lot of LGBT material as adult. We have a lot of queer Youtubers who are PG that might get put behind the adult wall. Not liking that