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International Penis Size Map (Seriously)

gay blog, gay news, gay health, biggest penises
"Anyone have a ruler?"

We should open with a disclaimer here; the information used to produce this interactive map of the world’s average penis size by nation was self-reported. There were no penis police measuring inseams, though the Lollipop Guild could certainly use the work. They’ve been on unemployment since the Wizard of Oz wrapped filming in 1939. Just saying.

So the findings here were strictly honor system. And what an honorable country South Korea is! Their honesty earned them the distinction of having the smallest nether regions in the world (3.8 inches), while Congo takes the gold with the average man’s equipment measuring in at 7.1 inches.

The Unites States ranks in at 5.1 inch flagpoles on average, and our neighbors to the North have us beat on more than just health care and marriage equality. Canadians have a full .3 inches of moose jerky than we do on average.

The map is actually a fantastic wealth of (pervy, pervy) information, so get your Lewis and Clark on and explore away. We’ll of course be welcoming reports from the field below in our comments section.

How do you measure up?

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  • Another great reason to move to canada.

  • Daniel Joseph Tierney

    From my experience the statistic for Ireland might need to be tweaked… ;.3

  • …………………………..I… just lost all my words.

  • branni

    in all honesty, i care less about size….size isn’t nothing unless they know how to use it