Is It OK To Tweet That ‘Dick Pic’?: Infographic

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Don't do it.

Today’s Weinergate-inspired infographic, via I Love Charts.

  • but what about all the sexy pornstars!

  • Look there are a couple of things i can’t stand; one, if we weren’t talking about Anthony Wiener’s dick then we STILL wouldn’t be talking about the debt ceiling or anything that actually mattered to the people of the (somewhat) United States. Secondly, i don’t care if he sends his dick out i just don’t want to see it unless I want to OK if i wanted to see it i would click on it or download it, but i don’t enough said.

  • Aldrea Orcinae

    Personally, I think it should be
    Is it OK to tweet that ‘dick pic’?
         Are you James Franco?
               yes    no
             YES!    NOPE

  • Awww 🙁

  • they get a free pass cuse they are hot and well hung