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Is “Liberal Morality” Just As Oppressive As Conservative Intolerance?

liberal morality, conservative intolerance, gay news, gay blog
Is forcing equality a bit too forced?

Gay Historian David Starkey waxes philosophically about the intolerance of tolerance in this short clip. Starkey wonders if the advancement of gay rights and acceptance being pushed by gay blogs and um, gay people, is actually any less intolerant and intrusive into family life than the former status quo.

What do you think of Starkey’s stark opinion?

  • Chris Marshall

    Wow…. so this gay believes we should allow segregation again because, being against segregation is a form of tyranny. Just because a person is gay doesnt mean they are on our side. Look at Alan Champers from Exodus International. He is as gay as any of us here, yet he supported Uganda kill the gays bill, and forces people into a mindset of suicide and depression with his organization.

    This “Gay Historian” seems no different to me. Then again back in the day, the Christians Right had African Americans talk about how making segregation illegal was an immoral thing that forced people into corners and was “just as oppressive” as segregation itself.

  • Anonymous

    There is a different set of laws that apply in England. Here, in the US, most states would allow the innkeepers to refuse service to the couple- without having to even state their reasons for doing so. I’m not saying it’s good that the innkeepers did it, but it would be their right to do so IF they lived here.

    When this sort of thing happens in the US, I hope the gays take the high road and purposefully seek out supportive hoteliers. When we support people who support “,Us” we are avoiding discrimination drama, and we’re putting money into the hands of people who deserve it.

  • Chris Marshall

    So sad that just thirty years ago businesses putting out discrimination based on race would be considered in legal dire straights and be sued to high heaven. Now they do the same thing to gays, with their “no fags allowed” garbage, and we, instead of standing up for ourselves, decide to be not fight and do nothing allowing this segregation to go unpunished. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. Our elders are probably rolling around in their graves, having died for us to get this far only to have its newer generation do nothing and instead of giving a damn and fighting it, rolling over and letting it happen.

    This attitude of pacifism is what why we still don’t have basic protections yet, let alone marriage rights, housing rights, and employment rights. The higher road is the same as it has been for every civil rights fight in the past. You dig your heels into the sand, and you stand and fight. You show them that you are not going to roll over and die and you don’t give up until they are made an example of for their bigotry. As history has shown us, the pacifist route goes nowhere. Segregation is segregation and we have been there and done that, No more. No more Mr. Nice Gay!

  • Anonymous

    It’s crap. Any great progressive change has to be fought for. Sadly, people aren’t always ready and willing to do the right thing. To end discrimination we have to advocate for equality. As Dante said, “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those, who in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.” I’m a secular humanist by nature so take “hell” with a grain of salt – but that’s a great thought, none the less!

  • Jim

    This is EXACTLY the kind of Conservative underhandedness I’ve been railing about on my blog. They change the terms of the debate and use our own tactics against us. “Is Liberal morality just as opressive as Conservative intolerance?” If it AIN’T, it sure as hell should be! Boo hoo, I’m forcing my tolerant and inclusive views on your private club. Tough shit – Deal with it.

    BTW, what, exactly, is a ‘gay historian’?

  • Bree Westphal

    I don’t support discrimination of any kind, but I wish that acceptance came from the heart; I wish it didn’t have to be forced.

  • Richard

    I completely and utterly disagree as a gay christian minister I also grew up in a intolerant household. But, it helped me to further develop my spiritual walk instead of negate it or vacate it as Mr. Starkey has done. I personally believe any way of bridging the gap between christian exsclusionists and gay christians is the way to go. by exploring our similarities instead of our differences we might be able to actually get along together. a nihlistic attitude is unfruitful for all. and certainly ineffective for the future.I feel we as gay people must be conscious of future generations of our kind, for although we don’t reproduce ourselves thousands of us are being produced daily by a world that doesn’t set much store by their own offspring apparently., I’ll take any tolerance or evennperceived tolerance as a stepping stone upon which to build. May All Be Blessed!

  • Richard

    apparently im a gay historian is nothing more than an ill temered opioinated old fart, pardon my language. I posted above you and yes I’m a gay christian minister butsome of these guys just burn my biscuits. read my previous post it explais this in greater detail. good answer by the way jim.

  • Toni-Lee Lorenzi

    So let me get this right… He thinks that being nice to gay people will spoil us or something??? He grew up oppressed and scared and so should we?? In the words of Amanda Waller, “It’s a new world, learn to live in it!”