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Is Sarah Palin Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

Just stop. Seriously. Stop talking and go away. You are a caricature of your own caricature at this point. Elementary school students know more about our country’s history than you, and you are unfit to be president. Stop.


  • Anonymous


    Wait, this woman was actually the governor of a state at a time. Are you freaking serious. AND THEN SHE HESITATED! HESITATED!

  • She was referenced today on Fox news today as being a more fit presidnet than Obama because “she has governed something before”. Did they forget the part where she quit to become a media whore? Oh and the part where she is dumber than Bush?

  • *shakes head* After all the jokes, who would have known she would open the door to more being thrown at her? Does she just not know? That’s so sad.

  • Brian Martin

    she needs a new tv show. Sarah Palin: The $#!+ my mouth says ’cause my @$$ knows better.

  • Jim Platt

    EYE gonna vote her for presidunce..I yam  he’s smart as me

  • Ashley Valencia

    …what a ra-tard. And there are still people who want to elect this woman president? Why? Ya know, don’t answer, cuz I don’t care. There is no explanation. 

  • Shannon Bridge

    People have to think seriously… This person, with a lonely walnut for a brain, is hoping to lead our nation. I have two cats who could hold council and likely come up with more cohesive answers to questions than she does. It is cringe-inducing. What troglodyte would pitch their vote in and have *HER* scrambling around in the White House and holding any sort of veto power on real issues that we want passed during her time Running America Into Mass Idiocy.

  • Listen my children/and you shall hear/the sound of the ocean/in Palin’s ear.

  • William Bellanger

    dear lord…this is just too much O_o