Is Sex Addiction Real?

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With Anthony Weiner’s dick pics slowly fading into the background, the discussion about healthy sex in our culture remains.

Thankfully, this is a national dialogue that could use a little bit of rationality. The United States as a country has a Puritan and generally unhealthy attitude towards sex.

But does tweeting a picture of yourself mean that you are addicted to sex?

Sex Therapist Dr. Judy Kuriansky of Passages Treatment Center, and The Naked Therapist Sarah White discuss (on Fox!) whether sex addiction is real – and if our elected officials are suffering from it.

  • John Wetzel

    I think it can be. I am sure that people can get addicted to anything and a sexual pleasure is a pleasure and anything that a person finds a pleasure can become addicting. 

  • I need to find a sex addict 😛  lol

  • Nix

    yes it is , a female friend of mien is very much addicted to it lol . nothign wrong with that lo lsays her boyfriend lol