Is Sodomy Illegal In Your State?

Fourteen states in our illustrious nation retain active laws banning the practice of anal sex between consenting, unrelated adults. These laws are unenforceable , as they were invalidated by the Supreme Court Lawrence v. Texas case in 2003, and yet these conservative states keep them on the books as a symbolic F U to their gay and lesbian residents. Nice.

Mother Jones put together a nifty little pocket guide so you can always know where you stand when you do the horizontal butt mamba. For those of you who have trouble with maps, or colors even, here’s the spoiler list:

Idaho, Utah, Michigan, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina,Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana all maintain unenforceable laws criminalizing buttseqz.

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Ooooh! The colors!

Is sodomy illegal in your state?

Via Mother Jones

  • I’m a lesbian not a gay male, but if I was, I’d love to see someone try and tell me I can’t have sex with my man because its “illegal!” BULLSHIT!!! Its pleasure! Dumbasses.

  • Everything is illegal in Utah. Especially on a Sunday.

  • Kit Foxley

    …and yet I see no legislation against head?

  • Annie Williams

    Let me clarify I’m gay, not some anti-gay homophobic troll. But Lawrence vs. Texas did outlaw sodomy laws. Your headline is misleading. They may be on the books, but they’re dead laws, not active. This is the kind of thing that makes me bang my head against the wall when it comes to our community. We have bigger, real issues to worry about, IMHO.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to think that ignorance is more dangerous than “Sodomy”.

    Read and learn.

  • So what you’re trying to say is…it’s ok for the government to say something in writing and on record, but do something completely different? Even if this is a reality most of the time, it shouldn’t be ignored.

    Yes, this shouldn’t be an issue heavily campaigned when there are other issues like DOMA, DADT, teen suicides, marriage equality, etc…but this is the type of information that builds a credible defense when fighting those issues. And quite honestly, it’s reasons like this that feed homophobia. Turn the tables…if there were discriminatory laws against woman, race or age they would be changed, because otherwise the courts perpetuate inequality.

  • Actually, sodomy is defined as any type of gay sex when it comes to law…including head.

  • Careful with the bending of the facts. Laws that invalidated by SCOUS is just that invalidated. ie not on the books… even if the states pass a new law after the decision it would still be invalid. Trusting your information is on the edge of becoming suspect. please keep the facts STRAIGHT, NO PUN INTENDED.

  • Classically, a woman as top is also considered Sodomy D:. So-as a straight woman- I guess a slight yay that Kentucky doesn’t have laws against sodomy

  • Anonymous

    Oh the irony of Utah having Sodomy illegal and yet highest porn subscriptions. Come out of the closet already you homo-momos!

  • It is interesting to see where we as a community we have come isnt it? up until 2003, many of us could not legally have sex. im glad that is all in the past