Italy refuses to renew gay man's driver's license

Italy Refuses To Renew Man’s Driver’s License Because He’s Gay

Italy refuses to renew gay man's driver's license
License to operate a homotor vehicle: Cristian Friscina

28-year-old Cristian Friscina was refused the opportunity to renew his driver’s license in Brindisi, Italy because authorities decided “He suffers from serious diseases that could be an impediment to safe driving.”

The “serious disease” in question? Friscina is gay. The Italian equivalent of the DMV went on the record saying, “In psychophysical terms [being gay] is “not ideal to have a driving license.”

Italian authorities are clearly seeing something we are missing here. How exactly does one’s homosexuality impede their motor skills? Is the DMV worried that Friscina will be too busy slapping penises away from his face to maintain proper 10-and-2 hand placement on the steering wheel?

Here’s hoping that those responsible for the immensely discriminatory decision to keep gays off the road will also be seeing something else that we don’t soon – a lawsuit.

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  • ahem… i do believe you’ve missed the big picture here… it’s not just that they discriminated against him based on his homosexuality… but they went on record referring to homosexuality as “a serious disease.” Not only is it discriminating, but INSULTING in 2011. Not only do i want a lawsuit, i want the person who made the decision fired, the person who made the statement sent to sensitivity training AND fired.

  • And they know he’s gay how?

  • Oh, you mean normal rights like marriage? Yea, never heard of that before.

    Italy might be more blatant in its homophobia than the US, but it’s not so far off base as it seems, methinks. Especially when some of the policy makers — ie. any one of them associated with the Tea Party — still spout off crap about how homosexuality is a disease, a sin, and an abomination (in any given order).

    Not so different after all.

  • happy mouse.

    This is so horrible. A country that will deny its citizens such a normal right such as the one to drive on the basis that they are homosexual is disgusting. The people who’s psychological state should be in question are the officials who said this was okay.

  • Anonymous

    While I agree he has been and is being victimized by his government, my only disagreement is with the other poster calling driving a right. It’s not a right, but a privilege in the US to drive.

  • perkodanny

     That was my question. Is it on the drivers’ license application in Italy? Or did he check the box next to “I have a serious illness that would impede my driving,” and list “gay.” Because if so, maybe he does have a serious illness.

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad to see that America (or my country of Latvia, for that matter) is not the only place where people go batshit crazy about gay issues.  European Court of Human Rights:  Clear up that docket, kids, there’s a case coming from Italy which will take you oh, about 15 minutes to resolve.