commercial, sexy ad

Chinese Super Boobs Infomercial

commercial, sexy ad
They slice! They dice! They read your children bedtime stories!

Edit: I’m a jerk. The boobs are Chinese. Not Japanese.

Well hey now, this is certainly something! The first 30 seconds tell you pretty much all you need to know about this product, but we found ourselves mesmerized into watching the video in its entirety.

Gay or straight, boobs have the ability to hypnotize. Especially armed with the power of these corset-cra-thingies. (Sorry for the complete lack of lady-clothing vocabulary.)


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  • This is in Mandarin Chinese, not Japanese. They sound nothing alike.

  • David Domer

    This is NOT Japanese It is Chinese or Taiwanese…..

  • Anonymous

    Love the sound effects!

  • I will admit, I am a fan of whatever these are… o.o

  • Cara

    Lol, you guys are right. I’m straight and this is oh so mesmerizing… Mostly because it’s hard NOT to stare and compare!