Far-Right French Candidate Marine Le Pen’s Father Condemns Tribute to Fallen Gay Policeman

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Jean-Marie Le Pen, the father of far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, is infamous for his controversial speeches. In a video released Friday morning he criticized the national tribute to gay policeman Xavier Jugelé.

France, Le Pen said, paid “tribute — not to the policeman, but to the homosexual. The participation of his partner and his long speech promoted homosexuality in a public way, and that shocked me a little. These family peculiarities must be kept out of this kind of ceremony.”

Of course, Le Pen has yet to be shocked by heterosexual partners speaking in support of terror victims. Calling out Jugelé’s partner is pure homophobia.

Le Pen’s remarks come on the same day that Le Pen’s former party, the National Front, appointed Steeve Briois its president. Briois is the openly gay mayor of Hénin-Beaumont.

Steeve Briois and two other gay men, Florian Philippot and Sébastian Chenu, are part of Marine Le Pen’s inner circle. Philippot is currently the second-in-command of the National Front. Chenu is a former gay activist from the organization GayLib, though he has since left the movement.

What does the elder Le Pen have to say about the gay men close to his daughter?

“Homosexuals are like salt in soup,” he says. “If there is none at all it is a bit bland, if there is too much, it is undrinkable.”

We have to wonder what the National Front’s gay trio has to say about that comment.

Following the first round of the French presidential election on April 23, Le Pen emerged with 21.7% of the vote, trailing center-right candidate Emmanuel Macron’s 23.7%. The second round of the election will take place on Sunday, May 7.

According to her platform, if Le Pen were to prevail in the election’s second round, same-sex marriage in France would be abolished.

  • pcl

    “like salt in soup” .. That has to be the quote of the day, if not the week. Contrast this with what is happening in Chechnya. If Muslims are allowed to get the upper hand in French politics, gays will have a lot more to fear than this guy.

  • Franck

    C’est tellement vrai en plus … Jean-Marie Le Pen après ce petit scandale à ajouté dans une de ses vidéos qu’il ne comprenait pas cette polémique. Il ajoutait que les homos en nombre, s’organisaient en véritable religion, avec son dogme, ses tabous idéologiques et ses généraux. JMLP a raison, les milices politico sexuel d’extrême gauche dite LGBT sont exactement ça !

  • OriginalRS

    The “salt in soup” remark sounds completely true to me, and not homophobic at all.