unemployment, workers, jobs, recession

Jesse Jackson Jr. Blames Unemployment on iPad

unemployment, workers, jobs, recession
Jackson vs. iPad: Round one, Fight!

Oh boy… For the record, he himself is an iPad owner. It’s a very uncomfortable feeling watching someone become a dinosaur right before your eyes.


  • I kinda agree with him. It’s a fun electronic and all, but isn’t it going a little far in getting rid of text books for school?

  • I am with him. Apple products are: 1) made over seas 2) are no cheaper due to cheap laborers 3) there were suicides when Apple reigned strictly over those laborers over seas (old news, or is it?).

    SO, not only is it expensive, you are buying lives that made Apple products. How do you really feel about that? Apples becomes rotten at some point. Still want that bite?

  • Jonathan Long

    Text book publishers would still be in business as they need to produce the digital content for the text book download. From a student’s prospective I love the idea of downloading my text books. think about how heavy they are and the fact that I could have all my books with me at all times. The downside is no textbook buybacks when the quarter is done if the textbook is digital

  • Paper would be no problem, and neither would be fuel, if we were allowed to grow and process fully sustainable industrial hemp…

  • Ariel B. Dreamfalling

    It’s called progress. Unfortunately you can’t have progress and still do things the old way. Technology will always inevitably change the way we live our daily lives. It’s happened throughout history and it will continue to happen as people continue to innovate. The downside is whenever major changes come it often has the negative effects of making jobs obsolete. It’s an adjustment and it just means that new ideas need to be fostered to help usher people into the progress being made. Once people get used to the change we often find that not only do we like the change but wonder how we ever got along before it. It’s just a fact of life in civilized society. You learn to adapt to change or suffer being trapped in obsolescence.