criminalize homosexuality, state representative, democrat

Kansas Moves To Criminalize Homosexuality

criminalize homosexuality, state representative, democrat
DEMOCRAT State Rep. Jane Pauls. Dude, you’re so kicked off the team.

State Representatives Jan Pauls (D, Hutchinson), and Lance Kinzer (R, Olathe) surely must have lost their minds. At a time when Maryland is voting to legalize same-sex marriage, Washington State is in the process of recognizing same-sex marriages performed out of state, and Hawaii just legalized civil unions for its gay and lesbian citizens, the two Kansas lawmakers have filed a motion to dredge up an archaic state law that would criminalize homosexuality.

Kansas Equality Coalition reports:

Although one remains on Kansas’ books, all state laws criminalizing gay and lesbian relationships were struck down by the United States Supreme Court in 2003. Writing for the majority in the case of Lawrence v. Texas, Justice Anthony Kennedy said “if protected conduct is made criminal and the law which does so remains unexamined for its substantive validity, its stigma might remain even if it were not enforceable as drawn for equal protection reasons. When homosexual conduct is made criminal by the law of the State, that declaration in and of itself is an invitation to subject homosexual persons to discrimination both in the public and in the private spheres.”

Disregarding the US Supreme Court, the President of the Kansas County and District Attorneys Association, John Wheeler, said in 2008 that “even to this day, homosexuality is a crime in Kansas.” His warning, made to a group of adult college students and caught on video, raised questions about the ability of gay and lesbian Kansans to live free from arrest, and to receive fair trials in our courts.

“Representatives Pauls’ endorsement of an unconstitutional statute that’s used to threaten and discriminate against law-abiding Kansas citizens is an outrage,” said Thomas Witt, state Chairman for the Kansas Equality Coalition. “She took an oath as both judge and state representative to uphold the Constitution. We insist that Representative Kinzer and she be immediately removed as Chair and Ranking Minority from the House Judiciary Committee. Legislators who willfully ignore the Constitution should never be in positions of leadership and responsibility.”

Pauls and Kinzer clearly have no business either playing lawmakers or wielding power over their constituents. This is right up there with criminalizing miscarriages, which P.S. – is going on in Georgia. It is beyond me why politicians, or anyone for that matter, thinks it is within the scope of their abilities to dictate the conditions of one’s birth. We were born this way, folks. Drop your obsession over our bedroom habits. It’s unbecoming.

The good news here is that the U.S. Supreme Court will be forced to step in here and send these two brats to their rooms…eventually. In the meantime, they are offending and harming countless gay and lesbian families and at-risk youth, as well as sending an emboldening message to those who would do us harm. These two lawmakers may succeed in momentarily passing a law criminalizing our birthright, but it will be history that finds the two of them in violation of our human rights. S

Frankly, we can hardly believe this. Are you shocked to hear Kansas is re-criminalizing homosexuality?

  • Why should it surprise anyone that Kansas is considering this type of legislation when Kansas is already associated with one of the most hateful and sadistic anti-homosexuality cults to ever exist on the face of the earth (HINT: They live in Topeka)? Consider how long it took to get people to realize that black people deserved to be treated the same as white people. Consider the ongoing battle of the sexes. Human beings always have to have something to hate. It’s in our nature, and all the marches and petitions and donations in the world won’t change that.

  • are they hypocrites or are they just really stupid?

    the truth of homosexuality is that people like different things its like bringing two people together and one likes meat while the other likes vegis and then one saying its wrong to eat meat and the other saying its stupid to just eat vegis, i do say which sounds more legible the meat eater or vegetarian because the vegitarian sounds like the idiots who claim because they don’t like and PERSONALLY BELIEVE that it must be wrong and we must deal with it while someone with a head on their shoulders would think sure i dont like but is it up to me to say whats wrong or right.

    its funny we as human beings only ever choose to think of ourselves when brought up like a spoiled brat, i go on to saying these idiots who claim a i do not like must be wrong stand should be taken from staff and replaced with someone more capable and less corrupt and also able to do their job without just listening to society as a whole to make new laws.

    people have the right to be who they want have sex with whomever they want as long as they have permission with the individual. and likewise for normal beliefs law isnt a religion so we shouldn’t treat it as such.

  • Rich

    What do you expect? Kansas is the home of the Westboro Idiots!

  • Samuel Jaramillo

    Aren’t you glad you left Kansas, Juan?

  • Ken B

    that is so stupid moving backwards in law. im so glad i left ks. ages ago.

  • Dennis Wyllen

    This goes to show just how uneducated people do dumb things. Give me a break KS are you really that uneducated that you don’t believe in CIVIL RIGHTS. I guess the next step is to bring back slavery.

  • Dennis Wyllen

    WOW talking about wasteful spending. KS must have a huge overage in capital to spend time on something that the Supreme Court will not accept. WOW

  • Anonymous

    Back in the day, Kansas was a free state, while Missouri was a slave state. They fought bitterly over it, and the state was known as Bloody Kansas. So, historically, Kansas isn’t all that bad.
    I won’t deny that this is amazingly perverse, and so is the Westboro Baptist Church. They don’t however, respresent Kansas as a whole. Although it is been many years since I lived there, it still raised me as a wise, wonderful woman who believes in equality for all. I don’t believe in black and white. Heck, I don’t even believe in red and blue anymore, but I believe in humanity. And I really hope people stop sitting idle by as people continue to distort what America stands for. I believe in “we, the people…” It’s time for more people to start believing in that too, and stop pretending we live separate lives than our fellow human.

  • This is also the state that is using the excuse that “the protesters would disturb the peace” as the reason they will not allow a new provider to open an abortion practice in Witchita…the only person to want to do so after Tiller’s murder.

    Kansas is also home to the creationist museum and Westerboro.

    Can we just…I don’t know…finish covering the state with corn or soybeans or whatever? Obviously living on that landmass causes cognitive dissonance.

  • Richard

    This is freaking ridiculous! assuredly we take two strides forward and then are repeatedly pushed back! Iv’e fought too many years and entirely too much persecution to simply be quiet about this. Audacity! and nerve! how dare they? try to make a new law to recriminalize the way a person is born! Are these “people” and I use that term quite loosely just idiotic or what? Have they not seen the overwhelming scientific data that prooves the existence of a genetic disposition towards being gay? Or do they just need help with the more than one syllable words? Neanderthals, what is wrong with these folks I’m am so very tired of these knuckle dragging, mouthbreathing, wastes of skin! Pardon me Lord but, that just had to be expressed.Now begins the arduous task of praying for these people. Yes, I pray for my opponents I always do because I know in my heart of hearts how simply wrong they are. I ask for the Lord to circumcise the flesh of their stony hearts carving out the mistaken, hateful side to be replaced with a loving caring type of charity towards all men and women and each and every perfect child of God !! As a gay man I am hurt and perturbed by senseless acts of intolerance and hatred such as these but as a minister and a man of God I am Mainly just saddened. Yet, I pray for the scales to fall from their eyes and they be allowed to see the Truth in the Lords message of Love as I have loved you. for it is an UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!!!! Be Blessed each and ALL who read this Please By the Hand of the Lord Jesus Christ!

  • Anonymous

    WOW! 2011 or 1811? good question? Sounds like someone is trying to hide something and usually those who protest too much have allot to hide..just a thought…

  • To tell the truth, I’m not at all surprised about this. It’s ridiculous, yes, but America is just that: ridiculous. Maybe not America, per say, but individual states. Such as Kansas. So, to have them try to do this just makes me irate, but to try to do anything will be a waste of effort. As of right now, anyways. We’ll just have to see what the Supreme Court has to say.

  • Bruce Robinson

    When it comes to types of sexuality, I’ve reduced it all down to “Everybody is something” Let me know if you, or someone you know, doesn’t fit into that category so we can all begin on hating them.

  • I have a couple friends who’re asexual, so technically, they’re nothing. o.o