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Kathy Griffin Has Ended Her Friendship With Anderson Cooper, and Here’s Why

In a new interview, Kathy Griffin opens up to The Cut regarding her life post-Trump Photo Gate and the current status of her relationship with Anderson Cooper.

Earlier this summer, Griffin shared a photo of herself holding a bloodied Trump head. The photo went viral, and for all the wrong reasons. Soon, Griffin was black listed by the same industry she had fought ruthlessly to become a part of.

The most troubling part for her and us, her gay audience, was to see her relationship with Anderson Cooper seemingly dissipate.

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Hours after the photo was shared, Cooper tweeted: “For the record, I am appalled by the photo shoot Kathy Griffin took part in. It is clearly disgusting and completely inappropriate.”

Griffin recently shared with The Cut what happened behind-the-scenes those days. Griffin explains that even though he recently reached out, it’s too little, too late and they’re no longer friends.

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More about the Kathy Griffin Anderson Cooper friendship:

Griffin acknowledges that Cooper was in an untenable position, but she feels that their long friendship afforded her a call or text message beforehand.

In the following days, Griffin says four of Cooper’s CNN colleagues reached out repeatedly to Griffin to check on her and offer private support (I independently confirmed this). But Cooper didn’t contact Griffin until August 10, CNN confirmed to me.

On July 26, when asked about Griffin on Andy Cohen’s talk show, Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Cooper claimed that Griffin was still a friend. “Yeah, we’re still friends, and look I said what I said about — I didn’t think what she said was appropriate, but I wish her the best and I hope she bounces back,” he told Cohen.

The fact that Cooper was telling people publicly they were friends, while not checking in with her, hurt Griffin deeply. When he finally reached out to her in a series of text messages, she told him their friendship was over.

Even though Griffin said many comedians and celebrities did reach out with support, none would speak to the article’s author on the record.

One person who checked-in on Griffin while the journalist was interviewing her was Kim Kardashian West, Griffin’s neighbor and usual butt (no pun intended) of all her jokes.

On October 19, Kathy Griffin is launching a new world tour. The “Laugh Your Head Off World Tour” begins in Auckland, New Zealand with stops at the Sydney Opera House and The Palladium in London, England.

  • Charles

    This makes me sad a good friend of 17 years couldn’t have her back.

  • Dan Gray

    very sad to lose a friend but a real friend would have reached out at the time, and said I don’t approve of what you did but am still here for you and what he could have done was just kept his mouth shut about the whole thing, I mean he had to report on it thats his job but he could have just said Nothing as far as opinion goes.

  • Divinity Ryder

    She couldn’t have reached out though? I love Kathy, but come on. She did something, he called her out on it. Most friends would do that if they think you’ve done something stupid. I don’t think it’s worth losing a nearly two decade friendship over.

  • Randy McDonald

    It is a shame if a long-standing friendship falls apart, but expecting unconditional support if you do something foolish is a bit much.