bullying, faggot, willow palin, the trevor project, gay blog, gay news

Kathy Griffin Vs. Sarah Palin: LGBT’s Are People You Don’t Care About

bullying, faggot, willow palin, the trevor project, gay blog, gay news
Who is really bullying who here?

Kathy Griffin and Lawrence O’Donnell chatted last night about Sarah Palin calling Griffin a bully and has-been, along with taunting the comedian to “Come up to Alaska” earlier in the week. Griffin points out that as a lifetime achievement award recipient from the anti-gay bullying organization, The Trevor Project, she knows a thing or two about real bullying, and has spent much of her life working against it.

Like for example when she called out Sarah’s daughter, Willow, for calling a classmate a “faggot” on Facebook for all the world to see. Yes, bullying like that. Griffin says, “When you’re 16, you know you’re not supposed to use that word. That’s a word that you really do kind of tie into bullying, especially in the LGBT community – a community, I think, that she doesn’t care about.”


Kathy deftly handles Palin’s graceless taunting, and points out that the only one of them that should be labeled a has-been is Palin herself. The former governor quit halfway through her term to become a paid correspondent on Fox News and a reality television star on The Discovery Channel.

Bravo, Kathy. You go girl.

We hardly need to ask, but who do you think came out on top: Palin or Griffin?

  • I adore Kathy! I saw her live here in San Francisco a few months ago, and she was wonderful then, just as much as she is now. Sarah Palin needs to realize that Kathy doesn’t give a piss what anyone says about her– especially some washed-up politician like Palin– but she won’t let anyone mess with the gays. <3

  • Been a total of Kathy since her appearance on Bill Maher. 🙂 She had me at the CF jokes. Nice to see her standing up for what she believes.

  • Travis Owen

    Kathy always comes out on top! You go girl!

  • Joselerio Montoya

    Kathy wins the cake all the time, I don’t see Palin sticking up for whats right.

  • Ashley Valencia

    Griffin will definitely come out on top and of course I agree with her assertion.

  • I may not like Kathy’s comedy, but, I think I just earned some more respect for her. Kudos!

  • Timothy

    The show in Alaska she talks about at the end there (the one in Anchorage), I was there. She walked on-stage with Levi Johnson and told us about inviting Sarah Palin. I love that woman.