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Katy Perry Covers Born This Way!

lady gaga, cover, gay music, gay blog, gay news
You're on the right track, Katy.

Very, very interesting! Katy Perry shows Lady Gaga some love with her cover of Born This Way live in concert from Paris. We’re sure nobody saw this one coming.

You can practically hear the entire audience gasp in sheer shock when she sings the first line. Love it!

I’m sure everyone had a gay old time in Paris that night.

  • Honestly, she’s got nothing on Gaga and you could hear her struggling with the song. Nice try though, I guess.

  • Wow, this video demonstrates the influence of Lady Gaga at a “competitor’s” concert.
    Great rendition, Katy!

  • Jessica Bolduc

    I think it was flattering that she covered it. She did a lovely different version, that I felt was done with respect. Both women lately have put out songs about loving who you are and respecting yourself, I thought it wasn’t just in good taste but a sweet tribute to a fellow amazing artist.

  • Buddy Englett

    Now I want to see Katy in a Lady Gaga video- sexy.