the edge of glory, born this way

Lady Gaga Debuts Next Single ‘The Edge of Glory’

the edge of glory, born this wayGay blogs are lit up like Christmas trees today with the dropping of the new Lady Gaga single, The Edge of Glory. Jigga what? Judas who?

Yes, we know you absolutely despise her and she’s the worst and her music sucks and you wish she was still a blown-out party girl and you aren’t feeling the black bangs and she’s not really a gay icon and blah blah blah.

We like Gaga just fine around these here parts, so listen or don’t. You’re not breaking our back either way.


Thoughts? (About the song, not the blown-out party girl comment…)

  • Anonymous

    Prepare for invasion

  • Domonic Botto

    I always love Gaga when she slows down the tempo. Her voice is magnified. So blown-out party girl or not, I like it!

  • Cody Daniel Bayle

    oh my, i love the vocal aspect of this song and it really is beautiful.

  • Jeremy Sample

    Blah blah as usual. Still waiting for her to do something that is original and not a blatant rip off of another artist. Entertain? Yes. Original? No.