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Lady Gaga Is Going Bald

bleaching, gay blog, gay news
Wiggy woman

Lady Gaga’s chameleon coif may have done serious damage to her scalp. The singer admits that after years of overprocessing (Re: Bleaching the hell out of her naturally brunette hair), her hair is falling out.

The condition, called Traction Alopecia, develops after the hair follicle has become so stressed and damaged that it pulls right out of the scalp. Depending on the severity of the stress, it can even become permanent. You might remember Christina Aguilera’s platinum tresses had thinned out so badly that she dyed her hair black during her Stripped album cycle.

The Sun reports:

Sun doctor Carol Cooper said: “The hair literally gets tugged out of the follicle in the scalp, causing hair loss.

This is most likely at the front or at the temples, because hairline hair is weaker than hair on the rest of the head. But traction alopecia can happen anywhere on the scalp.

gay blog, gay news, receding hair line
The Great Recession?

Yikes. Girl, give it a rest. We don’t want you going all Professor X on us anytime soon. But now that we’re thinking about it, you would do a fierce shaved-Britney-with-umbrella. Hmm…

Via The Sun

  • Gaga wears wigs 99% of the times soo…

  • She should give her real hair a rest and just wear wigs til its healthy again >_>

  • I’d still adore her even if she was perma bald. She has this great inner beauty that is quite rare in today’s society.

  • The “Great Recession” is definitely the hairline of her wig. And Kat is right, she is more often than not wearing a wig.