Lady Gaga Makes Us Feel Uncomfortable On iD Magazine

Yikes! We love you girl, but you’re slathering it on a bit thick on your iD cover. Cute freckles though.

A quick nipping of buds, before sending us hate mail or condemning us to hell for not drooling over every single thing Lady Gaga does, please see the “We love you” above. It’s the second sentence. Thanks!

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Monstrous. (Get it? Zing!)

For the record, the Mother Monster is wearing a latex jacket by Mugler. What do you think of her look?

  • Adam Kuglin

    I’m getting sick of the facial prosthetics. Do it once, it’s interesting. Do it all the damn time? I’m kinda ‘meh’.

  • Anonymous

    Why do we alter the perfect body temple with which we came into the world?

  • Anonymous

    The point of the prosthetic is a commentary on our unreal standards of beauty. From a level frontal view it gives her “perfect” bone structure (high cheekbones and curved brow), but as soon as she looks up or down or to the side it looks hideously monstrous. She’s saying that monstrosity is beauty and beauty is monstrosity, that our standards for beauty are monstrous in the fact that they are unobtainable.

    In this picture the ridges give her eerily flawless bone structure, or at least what is desired (now compare that to photos like this one and you’ll see how she is contrasting how they can be perceived very deliberately):!/photo.php?fbid=10150127798779574&set=a.89179709573.79898.10376464573&theater

    Plus, I’m almost certain it’s for the single and not the album so it will be over by Judas. Get over it.

  • Kris

    love the prosthetics. love the idea behind them. “the super star becomes the monster, the monster becomes the super star.” genius. keep them going gaga!

  • Adam Kuglin

    Yes, thank you, I get the concept… I’m just answering the question Kevin asked in the post. I’m saying… it would’ve been interesting for one or two shoots… maybe even the Today Show appearance. But now the song’s been out for over a month and the gimmick is tired. “Get over it”? I *am* over it… that’s my point.

  • Caleb Andrew Beal

    yeah, Gaga doesn’t control the photo shoot so I don’t get why you act like she does. I love the cover though.

  • Kris

    the point is it isn’t a gimmick. it’s art. and she’s dedicated to it. it’s something i believe to be admired.

  • Kris

    no one’s acting like she does. however she does have control over how she is pressented, or how she pressents her self, she does her own make up and choses to wear the prosthetics to the shoot. they are not an aesthetic choice of the photographer, but lady gaga her self.

  • without knowing what those are about, it will be uninteresting.

  • Jordan Deal knows where it’s at.

  • It’s an aesthetic. Simple as that. If you haven’t noticed, Gaga changes her look quite frequently. It’s all about the image that she wants to project. Just look at her music videos and look at what she was wearing outside of the video during that time period. Born This Way was all about loving yourself, and in the video she talked about the “perfect” race within humanity. It’s this weird sci-fi vibe and once again, I feel it was executed well if it makes you uncomfortable.

    And this is really why I’ll always be a fan of her. She updates her look constantly, and I just never get bored with her. She’s always doing something crazy for the purpose of her music, and that’s how an artist should be. 😀

  • Screams Marilyn Manson in the dope show look….

  • Anonymous

    I think the cover is terrific! I love jordandeal’s comment. Also, I would LOVE to know, where I can purchase this magazine in the US? (please help 🙂