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Lady Gaga Now Has Five Boobs (NSFW)

Upon laying our eyes on Lady Gaga’s photos in the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar, we transformed into an animated coyote and let out one of those cartoon howls – like Taz would whenever he saw Bugs Bunny in sexy lady drag. (Editor: Many apologies for the mixing of cartoon metaphors.) In any case, girl looks good and crazy, just how we like her!

[imagebrowser id=8]

Walk, walk, fashion baby. Work it, move, that bitch kuh-razy!

What do you think of the Lady’s new boobs?

  • I’m not sure what to say. But the boobs look nice and perky.

  • Silly! Those aren’t BOOBS! They’re just Hostess Snowballs, that she plans on eating after the photo shoot! I know they have nipples, but Gaga has connections!

  • oh my gosh, her bold shark eyes….. ahhh!!! >:D

  • Isn’t she dead yet ffs?

  • I think she keeps getting more and more outrageous to draw attention away from the fact that she is one homely woman. Maybe it’s better to be known as “batshit insane” than “the opposite of attractive.”