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Lesbian Marine Faces Jail Time For Lying To Live With Girlfriend

Another day, another gay soldier being vilified by the country she risks her life to defend. Actually, another and another today as well. [

box]Three California Marines have been charged with marrying for financial gain, accused of manipulating the military’s off-base housing program so a lesbian couple could live together, according to a woman at the center of the case.

lesbian soldier adultery, lesbian soldier jail time married, lesbian soldier charged with lying to live with girlfriend, lesbian ashley vice, jamie murphy ashley vice
Marine Cpl. Ashley Vice, left, and girlfriend Jaime Murphy

Marine Cpl. Ashley Vice says she and two others have been charged with conspiracy, making false official statements, fraud and adultery for allegedly marrying to collect thousands in financial assistance offered by the military to heterosexual married couples.

Vice told CNN affiliate KGTV in San Diego that she wanted to live off base with her girlfriend, Jaime Murphy, as a couple. Murphy is a civilian.

So she says she found a Marine, Jeremiah Griffin, who agreed to marry her so she could receive the $1,200 per month living stipend the Marine Corps gives to married couples living off base.

Vice said she was questioned by the Marine Corps about the living arrangements.

“I honestly didn’t even try to hide it,” she said. “I just said this is what’s going on. They asked me who Jaime is … I told them.”

“There’s no conspiracy here,” Murphy told KGTV. “There’s no trying to steal from anybody. We just wanted to be together and she wanted to serve her country.”

Vice and the two others face up to a year in prison if convicted on all counts. They also face the possibility of a dishonorable discharge, a reduction in rank and forfeiture of all pay.

Yet another injustice suffered by LGBT soldiers in our country. Heterosexual men and women are eligible for an extra $1200 dollars a month and receive permissions to live off-base, while gay soldiers in loving, longterm relationships stand accused of fraud and conspiracy for seeking access to the same benefits.

While we agree that Vice and Murphy pulled one over on the Marine Corps, we hardly think they are criminals here. They simply found a loophole to take advantage of the exact benefits awarded to their heterosexual colleagues that would otherwise be denied to them. There is no crime here, but rather, a system that openly discriminates against LGBT soldiers.

Unfortunately for the ladies, the matter will most likely be settled in a military court.

Why is this still happening?

(via CNN)

  • This kind of crap makes me so mad.  Why should people be paid more because of their marital status?  this is discrimination by the freaking book.

  • You have no idea how military pay works do you?  First off this is a crime, as it would be a crime for any other military member to do this as well.  Straight members do this all the time too, it’s very common. Usually straight members do it for visa’s… they marry someone that is not a civilian then they can bring them into the country legally and they get paid for it. The reason you get more money when you get married is because the amount of money a person makes without BAH is not enough to sustain living outside of the barracks. You can get BAH three ways… 1 get married, 2 have a child, or 3 make proper rank. Once you hit a high enough rank usually E4 or E5 you get BAH anyways.  She could have just waited like the rest of the people have to do and made rank and gotten her BAH legally. Simple as that. It doesn’t take that long to make rank… I know full well how hard it is, my husband and I had to stay at hotels and with random friends until we got our BAH which wasnt until after we were married. It sucks but we all do it so it isnt discrimination on the military’s part… they are treating them exactly how they would treat any straight person who did the same.

  • Jason Vajgrt

    This shit makes me sick! I hate to see what our nation is doing to it’s own citizens! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

  • Jonathan Long

    While I do disagree with what the Marine Corps is doing and the fact that this is yet another example of discrimination against LGBT service members the fact is anyone who participated in this who was a current service member at the time did commit a crime according to the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice). It was not a loop-hole it was a crime. Under the UCMJ it is a crime to commit adultery and is punishable under a court martial. Every person who joins the military voluntarily places themselves under the jurisdiction of the UCMJ and gives up some rights that are available to us civilians. 

    The military is a completely different culture with its own set of laws. What is laughable to a civilian is a crime to a service member. Until the repeal of DADT is certified and new regulations regarding same-sexed couple benefits are established, gay service members need to be careful and keep their noses clean. 

  • This is not discrimination against gays and the marines who were involved are getting what they deserve! They defrauded the military and it’s illegal. She knew what she was getting into when she made her oath and now she has to pay for the crime she made just like any straight military employee that marry’s solely for money!

  • I do actually know how military pay works, obviously not to the extent that you do, but i actually  know some straight people who have done this.  the part that is discriminatory is that since they couldn’t LEGALLY marry, they COULDN’T take option 1 legitimately; unless the military recognizes civil unions, in which case I would gladly concede that my original post is incorrect.  But on the assumption that the military recognizes neither same-sex marriage nor civil unions between two people of the same sex (don’t know… or care so much about opposite sex) it is safe to assume that the military’s policy is discriminatory. 

    As far as being paid more simply for being married, you taught me something.  I didn’t realize that this pay level could be achieved in other ways, ( I thought that no-matter what rank in the military, people were always paid more if they were married) so thank you for that enlightenment.  The fact remains however, that there is an option available to heterosexual couples as a matter of policy, which isn’t available to homosexual ones and that is discriminatory.

  • they only defrauded the military because proper channels were not available for them.  channels which are available to heterosexual couples.  If gay marriage were legally recognized by the military and they had made the same decisions to marry someone of the opposite sex simply to get paid more while maintaining their same sex partner at the lesser status of “girlfriend” rather than wife,  you’d be right.  As it is though, if they were more honest about their situation and said hey, i’d like to marry/get a civil union with my long term same-sex partner, they wouldn’t have received the pay increase afforded to heterosexual couples who marry.  The real problem is that same sex marriage isn’t nationally recognized as legal and binding.  if it were, then the military (i assume) would have to follow the same rules regarding marriage and these couples would have had a viable option for legitimately gaining the same level of pay that heterosexuals can.  this is discrimination in policy.  I understand that the individuals technically defrauded the government, but if they hadn’t they wouldn’t have had the money they need to support their life off-base.

  • Ashlei Kennybrew


  • Anonymous

    funny ashley was married and running the scam well before she met jamie…as a gay marine that knows all the above this was a scam….it’s not a gay str8 issue….. 

  • Jeremy Cantrell

    she is really eye f**king her girlfriend in that picture