Vicci Martinez makes it to the next round of the Voice

Lesbians Rock ‘The Voice’ Alongside Christina Aguilera

Christina's back, and likable on 'The Voice.'

If you were one of the many TV viewers who were annoyed by NBC’s incessant promotional campaign for their Idol competitor, the Voice, then let’s hope that you were able to watch the show (if not, watch it online!), because it was actually pretty damn awesome.

The premise is slightly complicated, but a lot of fun. There are four coaches – Christina, Cee-Lo, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton – who must pick 8 singers each for their teams, judging them only on their voices. The coaches then compete to coach the 8 to stardom.

The show is fresh and fun, without much of the base “making fun of the untalented” that American Idol specializes in. And it has so far been a hit, providing NBC the best ratings in 2 years.

Also, you should watch because two kick-ass lesbians were chosen by Christina and Cee Lo: the sexy and sultry Vicci Martinez and the intense and likable Beverly McClellan.

  • I watched The Voice just now because of this article. It was amazing! Vicci Martinez is one of my favourites, but, heck, I like them all! I’m definitely going to be watching this now.

  • Sierra Vail

    I watched this show when it premiered last night. I found it very entertaining and moving.
    Someone like Beverly McClellan (putting aside the fact she is outside of the age bracket) wouldn’t make it far on a show like American Idol. Her voice would get her to the voting round, but then I’m sure she would be kicked…because she isn’t the size 00, long hair, “pretty” girl that the typical Idol watchers want.
    This show gives people like Beverly a chance…because these people have WONDERFUL voices, and that is what their talent should be judged on, not their looks. This is a great concept and I hope this show continues for a long while, because it’s needed!

  • Emily Nizhoni Hatfield

    WOW!!! Beverly McClellan has the most powerful and gorgeous voice! You know that woman can do anything she wants with that thang!!