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Listen: Lady Gaga’s Judas

gay blog, gay music, born this way
Eep opp ork ah-ah! Jetsons, what what!

Juda-juda-ah-ah is the new Gaga-ooh-lala, I suppose. When the Mother Monster promised us a “classic Gaga” track as her next single off of Born This Way, we never suspected that we’d be getting a Bad Romance redux. Still, the lady can do no wrong it seems, and Judas is expected to debut at number one on the Billboard charts even though it was leaked early.

Have a listen and tell us what you think below.

Are you in love with Judas, baby?

  • L-O-V-E this shit

  • Megan Vermeer

    I think it’s a lot like Bad Romance, but I feel like it’s a continuation of Bad Romance for this stage of Gaga, so it works. Both are about loving and forgiving something and someone even though it could mean destruction for yourself, so for me hearing a lot of Bad Romance in it is okay because it is the next step from Bad Romance. Sort of like how Telephone was supposed to continue Paparazzi.

    Or maybe I’m trying to rationalize why I cannot stop listen to this damn song. Mother Monster sells crack in song form.

  • Shawn D Holzberg

    Yummy!!!! Turn The VOL Up! =)

  • JIZZING everywhere.

  • Even with her work with the LGBT, I can’t find a way to like this song. She’s over saturated IMHO, if she were to come out with a simple acoustic ballad that would leave me going ‘Wow, she is always surprising us with something new!’ This just leaves a bad taste from something that’s been in my mouth too long.

  • If you’re going to take it as just a pop-song, it’s really going to be just a pop song. However, Megan made a brilliant point, because this is what Gaga has said herself. She wanted to create an evolution to Bad Romance. Which is why the lyrics have the same meeting, and why you want to Sing “O-oo-ohhh” in Bad Romance fashion during the chorus of Judas. She’s such a tease, and I’m stoked for the video to premiere. She’s on top no matter what any of us think, so let’s just enjoy the music, eh?