you're much alike, first gay couple, husbands and husbands, boy meets first gay couple

Little Boy Meets First Gay Couple – VIDEO

you're much alike, first gay couple, husbands and husbands, boy meets first gay couple
"You're much alike."

Abso-freakin-lutely amazing. Grab a towel and a change of clothes, because this little boy is about the melt your heart out.

“I usually see husbands and wives, but this is the VERY FIRST TIME I saw husbands and husbands!”

Moments like this one are the exact reason we created Unicorn Booty. Yes, we are fighting each day for LGBT rights and lives and loves, but it’s moments like this when we can pause for a bit and breathe.

Thanks, little guy.

  • Why are they in a bathroom having this conversation?


  • “So that means you love each other”
    so precious!

  • Shelby Martin

    If a kid can understand it why cant grown ass people understand it?!

  • ShowMeGuy

    Maybe he couldn’t reach the sink.  Sounded like a large birthday party or family get-to-gether was going on in the house.

  • ShowMeGuy

    Because grown-ass people have been brainwashed.

  • Cara Andrichak Rosson

    “You can play if you want to.” Truer words never spoken – if only all adults would think the same.

  • Ashley Valencia

    Out of the mouths of babes comes great wisdom.

  • Carlin Jacoby

    Would that it would be that wonderfully simple.

  • William Bellanger

    I cried a little :’)

  • Anonymous

    Of the many things this video shows is that prejudice is taught. This boy hasn’t learned that lesson–hope he never does.

  • That is the cutest thing I have ever seen

  • Uh, grown ass people do understand it.

  • I’m a big sap, my eyes watered up when he said “So that means you love eachother!”  Awwwww, I adore him.

  • Shelby Martin

    your nicer than I am lol I just thought they never really grew up and werent all that intelligent 

  • Veronica Williams

    ^.^ He is so adorable. Oh my goodness!

  • my favorite part was at the end when he told them that they could play ping pong if they wanted to join him. I LOVE little kids!

  • Video no longer available due to copyright claim? Hmmm…

  • Nathan Clymer

    Is it just me, or does the guy that laughs at the camera look just like Patrick Dempsey? LOL!

  • Tim

    Video is no longer available due to a copyright claim? Hmmm….

  • Jonathan Wade

    How do I see the video? looks like it was removed 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Why is this video, “Little Boy Meets First Gay Couple” not available anymore? It is something everyone in the world needs to see. And how is it that every copy of it out there on the web has somehow been blocked by ColonelFrog or whoever is claiming copyright? Please help me find a copy of this video. Thanks.

  • Aww. I can’t see the video anymore! 🙁

  • Robby Rob

    You can still find the video here:

  • Robby Rob
  • analogous

    Seems as though “ThecolonelFrog” Doesn’t want to share this video with the world anymore~! What a shame~! I would have loved to see this on. I found it without sound and a music track over the talking. It kind of loses a lot in the translation that way. I really hate youtube these days~!

  • Mastorio

    I see the future of the society. It’s open and harmonious.