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Lonely and Alive at the AIDS/LifeCycle

Somewhere between San Francisco and Los Angeles is a pack of 3,200 bicyclists, roadies and volunteers  – as well as a group of embedded journalists who are covering the madness.

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Day 2 at the AIDS/LifeCycle Ride

Somewhere amidst this madness is me, Nick Vivion, your esteemed Unicorn Booty representative and do-gooder. I’m here capturing the stories and the passions that drive this group of people to spend a week biking 575 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

And even though there is an incredible energy emanating from the over 3,000 people here, I feel strangely alone. I miss my significant other, Kevin, who is my partner in crime through thick and thin. I wish he was here experiencing this with me, and helping me capture the beauty in these moments.

Mostly, though, this inherent loneliness has brought the continuing AIDS epidemic into stark relief. This past Sunday was the 30th anniversary of the first AIDS case, and HIV/AIDS remains a visible worldwide plague – especially for the gay community.

Shockingly, a recent CDC study found that 20% of gay men in America are HIV-positive – and nearly HALF do not even know it!

My loneliness without Kevin – the feeling of pain of not having him close – is nothing compared to the stories of pain and death shared with many who are on the AIDS/LifeCycle ride. I am lucky to have Kevin around, and yet many people in our community have lost loved ones to this very-preventable disease.

I’m going to be capturing video stories, compiling blogs about life on the road, and generally getting you excited about the potential amazeballs experience that awaits you next year on AIDS/LifeCycle 11 – it truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! You can see all of the content created by the Press Corps on the AIDS/LifeCycle site.

  • People living with HIV/AIDS is not that easy. but around 33 million ppl worldwide are infected with HIV/AIDS and 4.1 million more are added each year.
    Many good-looking people, including some celebrities also find love and support on the official STD support site STDdatings .com. wish you luck and find someone understand you.

  • so how many people live in this world of ours and by that number little under 10% have this one disease and then another percentage have a different one and likewise for the rest! if so then this percentile of unkemp humans would put us at a  percentile of between 40-50% diseased population! i swear this is only the government doing population control! and that each disease is man made and out of control! and then gets layed on a comunity that isnt the most widely diseased one LOL!