Straight, Republican College Student Testifies Against Gay Marriage Ban

Madeline Koch, a 24-year-old self-identified Republican college student testified before the Minnesota Senate Judiciary Committee on Friday asking that sanity prevail in her home state and the proposed constitutional ban on same-sex marriage not be passed. Not because she has gay siblings, dear gay friends, or is even an avid gay blog reader – just because it was simply the right thing to do.

Koch eloquently points out to all of the adults busy acting like children in the room that the Minnesota is literally attempting to write discrimination into the state constitution. No bueno, y’all.

Unfortunately for Ms. Koch, her words fell on deaf ears and the committee voted 8-4 along party lines to advance the bill toward becoming a voter initiative . Here’s hoping that everyman Minnesotans have more common sense than their elected representatives. (Please?)

Nevertheless, we applaud Madeline for taking a stand against what she saw as a grave mistake in her state. Thank you, Madeline, from the bottom of our big, gay hearts.

  • Anonymous

    Ms. Koch is a genius. I admire how she is inspired to speak out against an anti-gay marriage ban by her strong sense of equality. She doesn’t need to know a gay to get that banning gay marriage is pure discrimination. I wonder what she sees in the Republican party? She is gorgeous.

  • Stephen Merritt

    I suddenly have faith again in our young politically minded citizens, (even if they come in Republican form 😉 Ms. Koch was articulate, eloquent and sensible. Cheers, you beautiful Minnesotan

  • there is only one thing to say – Thank you, Thank you so much for trying. You are definitely an amazing person to stand up for rights for others.

  • Anonymous

    This makes me ashamed to be so close to Minnesota… Come one, guys. Follow in the steps of your Iowan neighbors!

  • All I need to or even have to say to Ms. Koch is Thank you. Thank you for looking past all the political, religious, and sexual part of all this and seeing that it all boils down to one little word- EQUALITY. Again Ms, Koch thank you.

  • M.b. Mulligan

    As an undergrad myself, I know a lot of “neo-cons” whose allegiance to the Republican party is mostly based in economic issues. Social issues like marriage equality usually aren’t on their radar at all, and if they are they have neutral feelings about it. I’d rather they actively advocated for equality, but neutral is better than negative.

  • Charles

    There’s some guts right there. Shame they didn’t listen.

  • Manuel Flores

    Uh, cool, some republicans have our back…but I really feel like she didn’t actually say anything more than “You’re wrong, I’m a republican, I support gay rights.” Personally, I don’t think it’s enough, and apparently neither did they.