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McDonald’s Can’t Have It Both Ways

Hamburgler Wanted, mcdonaldsSurely you remember the swoon inducing McDonalds commercial that featured a gay son and his father about to snack down on some McNuggets. Our gay blog was all over that business.

The commercial, which aired in France, bore the tagline “Venez comme vous etes” or “Come as you are”. While LGBT groups cooed and made adorable internet-cat-faces about how wonderful it was that McDonalds was celebrating it’s gay customers, others said that type of marketing would never fly in America. Admittedly, we were even on the McDonalds-is-coming-around train.

Whoops! While Grimmace may be allowed to smooch boys in Paris, the Hamburgler is blocking gay websites in New Zealand restaurants, which recently began offering free wifi. reports “McDonald’s says it’s just trying to ensure its restaurants remain family friendly, but in other parts of the world they’re using gay themes themselves in advertising.”

Among the sites deemed family unfriendly by the hamburger giant, a rainbow youth group, and gay dating sites. It should be noted that some gay content is available for viewing. McDonalds seems to be blocking on a site by site basis. Which is totally within their right to do. But this coupled with the gay commercials in France creates a clear case of dangling a carrot in front of the LGBT community to win their support, even as the company is insulting them by calling them family unfriendly.

What do you make of this pickle (onion, lettuce, tomato, cheese & secret sauce)?

  • Aundrea McMillan

    I’m sorry, but did ANYONE in the GLBT community actually fall for that French ad? All it said to me was “Come as you are, as long as ‘you are’ in the closet to avoid family and social drama!” All these new articles do is confirm my suspicions about the company. I’d recommend the community and our allies boycott the place until it gets its ducks in a row…then again, I advocate boycotting most fast food restaurants anyway, on the sole principle that they’re disgusting 😛

  • Blocking support and even dating sites make no sense. But if they were just blocking all porn-ish type things I think that’s okay, because if you’ve seen children lately, they’re all fricking over the place. It’s dangerous enough to bring a laptop into McDonald’s without one of them throwing it into the fry vat, let alone peering over your shoulder to view some sort of massive ass-lovin’ orgy.

    (Although. If someone needs to go to McDonald’s to wank off. They really need therapy or to move out of their mother’s house.)

  • TC Wilson

    Okay, how exactly is that commercial supportive? The dad obviously doesn’t know his son’s gay. And, the son is clearly hiding it. To me, that says :”Come as you are, as long as you’re in the closet about it.”

  • Munkstah LovesHalei ForAlways

    How is this celebrating it’s gay customers? It’s a clip of a boy that’s hiding who he is away from his father, who doesn’t seem like the kind of many that would be that open to having a gay child. There is nothing LGBT supportive about it and no one should be pretending there is anything good about this commercial. And then it says that they are trying to be family friendly?! There is nothing family friendly about a boy in the closet and restaurants blocking gay websites.