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McDonald’s Is Fresh Out of Twinks, Houseboys, Etc.

gay news, gay blog, funny
"But we've got plenty of leather daddies in stock!"

A picture is worth a thousand words, y’all.

  • So funny.

  • omg the cougars and sugar daddies will be so disappointed

  • Gus Anderson

    Funny, but shouldn’t people have issues with the idea that some toys are for girls and other toys are for boys?

  • Why? I’m sorry, but my toys are exclusively for boys. 😉

  • DUMB.

  • Anonymous

    “WHAT??? I came ALL the way here and your telling me you have no BOY TOYS?? But I am having this sex party and I didn’t have any boy toys eith—….. Oh… Not THOSE kind of ‘boy toys’. So you only sell hot wheels and tonka trucks with your happy Meals? Okay. Gotcha. Oh. Can I have Fries with that?”

  • Jim

    That’s almost funny enough to make me want to go out and try that “refreshing” sugar bomb (the Strawberry Lemonade) they just unleashed on the public. Almost.

  • Tristan Tight-Pants

    Fresh out of boy toys but still loaded with Bears 😛

  • but they still got that filet o fish. LMAO.

  • Lana Gramlich


  • Michael Cooke

    I want a Battle Tank EZ bake oven!

  • lol