gayest spider ever, gay blog, gay news, gay animals, jurgen otto

Meet the Gayest Spider Ever

gayest spider ever, gay blog, gay news, gay animals, jurgen otto
Gayest spider ever?

Pride celebrations don’t usually kick off until June, but that isn’t stopping the Australian Peacock Spider (Maratus Volans) from letting his gay flag fly. Watch Jurgen Otto wax philosophical about this little guy’s extraordinary courtship dance. He claims they do it for the ladies, but I think we all suspect what’s really going on here.

The clip gets juicy around the three minute mark. Enjoy!

How cute is the Peacock Spider? (Hint: Very.)

  • Anonymous

    He and the gay snake should get together 😛

  • Ariel B. Dreamfalling

    I’m not really into spiders but that thing is actually rather cute! I can’t believe I’m actually saying that about a spider LOL

  • the spider looks like it had a British flag on its back lol!

  • Looks like it’s came from the Aztec Empire 😀

  • DasDutt

    Someone needs to dupstep this vid.

  • AriesSarafina

    The colours are beautiful but I’m sorry I still have a dying fear of spiders. ugh

  • Lylli

    Aww, how adorable!

  • Russ Simon

    so… gay humans are not the only ones to waive their legs in the air when they want to mate. 

  • Robusta Capp

    I’ll show her my vibrantly colored flap.  Bitches love vibrantly colored flaps.

  • Ashley Valencia

    Yeah I was trying to be cool and watch calmly but my response was still: OMG IT’S A SPIDER! KILL IT! KILL IT! ….I have little control when it comes to the creepy-crawlers.

  • Clint Pearson


  •  well for me  not liking spiders this one is pretty only because of the color flap