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Meet The Stiletto Wearing Boyband, Kazaky

gay music, russian boyband, gay blog
A special Unicorn shout out to the first person that transcribes these lyrics in the comments below. Ha!

They’ve certainly got the moves and muscles for days, but something tells me these boys might not resonate with American listeners. Or at least American listeners who aren’t you know, reading this gay blog.

Still, props where props are due. You go boys.

Could YOU dance in those heels?

  • Justice Calo Reign

    hot. Love!

  • I knew you would, Justice! Have you heard of Kazaky before?

  • Justice Calo Reign

    No I haven’t.. .What country are they from?

  • I want to like this, I really do, just out of general principles, but this is a bad combination of Madonna’s “Vogue” and every Visage song ever made. To put it as Visage would, these young men are, “The Mind of a Toy.”

  • Anonymous

    Well it does make their cute little poopers stick out like nice little melons waitng to be plucked. I just wish they would have backed off with the strobe and let us get better looks at the boi’s.

  • Anonymous

    Ahhhh I love it <3
    For starters, best bodies ever hands down!
    Secondly, what a great song- great beat and awesome lyrics.

    And no, I could not dance in those heels!

    I wish them the very best of luck and wish them all the success that they obviously deserve!

  • I loved it!

  • Nicholas Felix

    You want me, You love me, You hate me…I don’t care

    I wanna fucking you
    Money, trend, fame, sex,
    “B.M” club, fashion new
    you and you and Gareth Pugh

    Fuck…Money… Trend….Fame…Sex…
    “B.M”… Fashion…New…
    You and you and Gareth Pugh

  • Nicholas Felix

    I don’t see this catching on much here in the states. They’ve got some nice dance moves though.

  • Matt Peters

    Is this available to buy as an MP3? I can’t find it anywhere to buy.