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Watch Melania Trump Recoil from Her Husband’s Touch (Video)

It’s been a week since it happened, but people are still talking about First Lady Melania Trump recoiling from the touch of her husband. (Watch the video of the incident at the bottom of this post.) It happened last weekend as Melania was reciting the Lord’s Prayer to an Orlando, Florida, crowd gathered at Trump’s 2020 campaign kickoff rally (an event which itself is disgusting and unprecedented, not to mention costly for taxpayers).

Since the video was posted, people have once again taken to social media to voice concern for the first lady.

However, as we’ve previously argued, Melania Trump was not kidnapped; she chose to marry Donald Trump (and to stay married to him), and branding her as a helpless victim—despite her having no issues with defending some of her husband’s most disgusting claims—actually denies her, a woman, of all agency. Let’s not forget that she’s a grown person.

Elite Daily went as far as asking body language experts to weigh in on what the reaction means. While one expert, Dr. Lillian Glass, concluded that Melania’s onstage demeanor was caused by a fear of public speaking—”I find her to be extremely nervous and very uncomfortable in her role of First Lady”—another, Susan Constantine, concluded, “She has a strong disdain for her husband.”

Watch the video and judge for yourself:

  • James Scianna

    Oh for fuck sake, her arms are bare and his hands were probably cold. Are they outside? Learn some biology/chemistry here folks.

  • Bry Shayn

    He beats her

  • Bob

    Poppycock. I see nothing of consequence, not even a reaction on her part. And people thought Michelle Obama got a hard go of it from trolls on the Right?

  • jsy

    Uh huh. That’s it.