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Michele Bachmann Compares Herself To Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy

michele bachmann john wayne, michele bachmann serial killer, michele bachmann john wayne gacy
History Buff Michele Bachmann

“But what I want them to know is just like John Wayne, who is from Waterloo, Iowa – that’s the kind of spirit that I have too.”

-Michele Bachmann

Oh dear. Michele Bachmann invoked the name of spirit-BFF John Wayne yesterday in an interview with Fox News. The only problem? The John Wayne from Waterloo, Iowa is John Wayne Gacy, a serial killer responsible for the deaths of 33 teenage boys and young men.

Oh gurl! You so crazy!

(via Think Progress)

  • Anonymous

    I think she meant Winterset, which is where the actor John Wayne was born. Silly Republican! XD

  • Anonymous

    This is awesome by epic standards.  Slip of the tongue, maybe?  You know what they say about that!  Maybe she does have some skeletons in her closet.  Someone needs to count up those foster kids just to be sure…

  • She was channeling  Sara Palin.

  • If only John Wayne had a scorecard on homosexuality, we might have a perfect match!  Good eye, Trenton.

  • Trenton Flock

    Let’s put aside for the moment her slip. I still have some questions. Namely, what exactly is the spirit of John Wayne? Is it his belief that White Supremacy was legitimate…because
    blacks weren’t yet educated enough to assume responsibility for themselves and their communities? Is it is legendary contempt for Native Americans? Is it his War-mongering during Viet Nam, even though he chose to not enlist during WWII while other stars ran to the front, allowing him to rise as a macho male lead despite his complete lack of talent? Or is it just that: His lack of talent, which was channeled into PRETENDING to be a war hero and waving American flags while profiting from the credulity of others?

    I’m going with all of the above…

  • Gasy was born in Illinois.

  • Gacy was born in Illinois, not Iowa.

  • Ashley Valencia

    While it is true that John Wayne Gacy was born, committed the majority of his crimes (including the murders), and later died in Illinois, he did commit his first crimes in Waterloo, Iowa. So the writer of this article and the commentators below are both correct in a sense, however, to just say that he’s from Waterloo, Iowa does reek a bit of sloppy research or a deliberate leaving out of details. Still, I would agree with dsindelar – she probably just misspoke. Said Waterloo instead of Winterset.

  • Anonymous

    It’s just painful. I mean it’s bad enough she’s launched her campaign in the city of Waterloo…. not surprising, but amazing in it’s lack of historical understanding. But it’s not like she moves in a vacuum. Where are her handlers? Who’s writing her speeches or there to kick her in the shins when she starts to make ignorant remarks. THIS seriously thinks she can be president? 

  • ShowMeGuy

    When will these republinazi women figure out that they need to shut their ignorant mouths?
    Might Sarah and Michele be in a race for the Looney-bin?