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Michele Bachmann Signs Pledge That Homosexuality Is a Choice, Health Risk

michelle bachmann pledge, iowa pledge, anti-gay iowa pledge, iowa caucus bachmannMichele Bachmann has signed her name to a controversial document orbiting the upcoming Iowa caucus. And by controversial, we mean riddled with straight up lies.

The document, titled The Marriage Vow – A Declaration of Dependence Upon Marriage and FAMiLY [sic] PDF, basically says marriage is good, gays are bad, and so are porn and Islam. Let’s call a spade a spade.

Think Progress points to some of the greatest hits:

– HOMOSEXUALITY IS LIKE POLYGAMY, ADULTERY, POLYANDRY: Vow 4 requires the candidate to pledge “Vigorous opposition to any redefinition of the Institution of Marriage…through statutory, bureaucratic, or court-imposed recognition of intimate unions which are bigamous, polygamous, polyandrous, same-sex.”

– HOMOSEXUALITY IS A PUBLIC HEALTH RISK: Footnote 4 claims that homosexuality causes shorter life expectancy and a higher probability of a long list of sexually transmitted diseases. The Leader has previously compared same-sex marriage to second-hand smoking.

– SEX IS BETTER AFTER MARRIAGE: Vow 5 requires the candidate to support the notion that “married people enjoy better health, better sex.”

– PORNOGRAPHY SHOULD BE BANNED: Vow 9 stipulates that the candidate must “support human protection of women and the innocent fruit of conjugal intimacy” and protect them from “seduction into promiscuity and all forms of pornography…and other types of coercion or stolen innocence.”

– REJECT SHARIA ISLAM: Vow 11 requires the candidate to reject Sharia law.

We are most troubled by a little somethin’-somethin’ hiding down in the footnotes.

“No peer-reviewed empirical science or rational demonstration has ever definitively proven, nor even has shown and overwhelming probability, that homosexual preference or behavior is irresistible as a function of genetic determinism or other forms of fatalism.

michele bachmann pledge, iowa pledge, anti-gay iowa pledge
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It goes on and on, but the basic idea here is that homosexuality is both a choice and a public health crisis. Neither of which are true. And in a case of complete and total Opposite Day shenanigans, every single medical, psychological and psychiatric organization in America has stated the reverse. But hey, you already knew that.

It’s frankly appalling that this document even exists in 2011. The fact that a potential presidential candidate has sign the thing is just insane. But hey, you knew that too.

The countdown is on until this makes Anderson Cooper’s Ridiculist.

  • The Islam thing was recently passed in Oklahoma I think?
    Well I know it was up for a vote. I can’t recall if it passed.

  • Trenton Flock

    On the one hand, I am pleased to know that these are the dying gasps of this particular breed of theocracy, and it is not even necessarily an escalation. Twenty years ago, this sort of thing could have been released and candidates from both parties could have signed without anyone batting an eye. Of course, they wouldn’t have bothered, because discrimination was a foregone conclusion, Islam was some alien heresy, and pornography was consumed only by a few perverts who were so shameless as to buy those brown bagged magazines at the liquor store. The information age has changed everything; we are having these discussions and gaining rights
    because not everyone is so credulous and increased visibility and knowledge about these things has made only those who are willfully ignorant to remain so. It is generational, and they know it, and their only hope is to institutionalize their bigotry before it’s too late. All points seem to indicate that it already is.

    However, we can’t completely dismiss this nonsense. It is still damaging, especially to young people who are coming to terms with their sexuality in a hostile environment, or potential bullies who are looking for something to be the object of their own frustrations and anger. Furthermore, this messy political climate could allow for unforeseen gains by these zealots. Credulous moderates might swing toward the crazy end of the spectrum if things get really bad. Prayer and religion are the last refuge of the truly desperate, and that would be fine if this refuge did not include riders like this that materially harm others to create a false sense of peace and righteousness for those seeking for easy answers. I believe that this will ultimately only harm Bachmann, as most moderates will be repelled by it, and she will eventually be another Anita Bryant, almost universally loathed by all. After all, by opposing Sharia Law (which is like opposing “Rabbinic law”, as it is completely different depending on whom you ask and who is enforcing it) and pornography (which is not proscribed by Islam, as Osama bin Laden can attest) she is actually more conservative than the Taliban. The only difference is that her hatred of women goes unnoticed because she is one…

    I think…

  • Buddy Englett

    Presidential candidates just keep getting dumber and dumber. Why don’t we require an IQ test prior to confirming candidacy?

  • Ashley Valencia

    Disgusting. It’s 2011 lets come out of the caves, leave the dark ages and come into the present. Seriously. Move on.

  • Sarah Barger

    Did anyone else see that according to this, gay sex, ect. causes e. coli, scabies, and abortions?  I’ll admit that health class was a long time ago for me, but it seems like anyone with a brain would look at that and ignore these nut jobs.  But then maybe that’s why my wife hasn’t had a baby yet, it isn’t because I’m a biological woman who can’t get her pregnant, it’s that our gay sex is causing her to abort…

  • I like how they have the citing from 1997 regarding that gay and bi men live 8-20 years less when HIV/AIDS was still taboo.  14 years later…LOOK AT THE NEW RESEARCH STUPID PEOPLE!

  • ShowMeGuy

    Dear G.O.P.,
    Thank you for being ignorant and insane.
    President Obama’s Second Term as President

  • Sara Simpkins

    Wait, wait, you answered your own question “anyone with a brain”…

    None of them have a brain. It is merely an organ that is pumping blood throughout their body that keeps the mouth blabbering bullshit.

    I hope you and your wife conceive soon. My fiance’ and I look forward to having children as well. Cheers!

  • Tucker Walden

    im just happy to see all the open-minded people leaving comments…(say with sarcasm dripping from every word)

  • Alizay Jalisi

    This is possibly the stupidest, most narrow minded thing I have ever read. ANOTHER GOOD REASON TO DESPISE REPUBLICANS! I’m not saying that all republicans are narrow minded, it’s just that she, as a republican candidate, is shaming all republicans rather than becoming part of the open minded movement sweeping through the hearts of many, spreading love and acceptance of the LGBT community and all forms of religion, including Islam, which by the way, clearly states in all it’s regards to women, that women ARE EQUAL to men in all ways except for physical strength. In fact, in the QUran, there’s a whole chapter dedicated to the greatness and beauty of women in the world, including statements on how they must be treated with care and regarded as equal to men. It’s just that today’s extremists exaggerate and make up things about Islam, as people ahve throughout history about religion and of course, the totally normal, natural LGBT coty

  • Alizay Jalisi

    *community. It is very possible to live in peace while allowing Islam, LGBT people and all the other stuff she condems out of sheer STUPIDITY and NARROW MINDEDNESS to coexist. In short, this is some hell of a BULLSHIT that is also completely false. I can’t believe she’s a dumbass enough to sign that.

  • IQ tests would would do nothing to improve the quality of the candidate seeking public office.  IQ only measures the skills one has to learn.  It measures the ablity to learn and NOT what one has or has not learned.  With IQ,,the time and energy and the hard work in order to learn still needs to take place (that is called discipline.. a skillcharacter trait in very short supple in the usa).  IQ just means that one individual would have a faster easier time learning a new skill vs another.  IQ just represents “potential” if the other variables of learning/education opportunity are met.  IQ tells almost nothing..yet it does tell something.

  • Spencer Bowden

    I have a couple of questions for Mrs. Bachmann… Q 1. Does she choose to be this bigoted or was she BORN THIS WAY??? Answer Please I dare you! Q 2. Does she herself choose to be a straight person or was she BORN THAT WAY??? I think everyone would like an answer to that publicly!

    Comments Please I would love to hear opinions on my two above questions

  • Spencer Bowden

    message to all the Jesus freaks out there. I get it, you believe in a
    god who created all ,controls all and never makes a mistake. Because you
    believe in this god, you also are special. I a person who believes
    differently from you ,will burn for eternity unless I to believe and
    accept all without question.Thanks for the daily reminders that you are
    not accepting of all of your gods children