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After Being Banned, Milo Yiannopoulos Unsuccessfully Tried to Sneak Back Onto Twitter

He was banned for life from Twitter, but it appears that alt-right darling Milo Yiannopoulos (pictured above giving the “White Power” hand gesture) tried to sneak back onto the micro-blogging social media platform. As Business Insider reported this weekend, the Twitter account @DANGERoUSFAGGoT — already suspended by the powers that be — featured a profile pic of the former Breitbart editor, info about upcoming appearances by the neo-Nazi provocateur and a particularly sketchy bio section.

In addition to “Feminism is cancer” — a favorite talking point of Yiannopoulos and his mouth-breathing fans — the bio section of the profile read “Will probably get banned unless I say I’m not Milo, so I’m not Milo. Even then I’ll probably still get banned.”

milo yiannopoulos twitter screenshot
Screenshot via Business Insider

This post over at Breitbart (don’t give them the click) has us convinced the account was in fact Yiannopoulos, seeing as how a tag in the story — about his upcoming May 5, 2017 “long-awaited return to the spotlight” — features the tag “Dangerous Faggot.” (Yiannopoulos has also taken to using the slogan “The Bitch Is Back.” How original.)

A pinned tweet on the Twitter account linked to the YouTube video.

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At the time the @DANGERoUSFAGGoT account — created in March 2017 — was suspended, it reportedly had 11,500 followers and 462 tweets, which BI describes as “mostly conservative, and at times offensive, tweets connected to the alt-right movement.”

One Tweet reportedly read “Because Islamic terror attacks have nothing to do with Islam, when they shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ it actually translates to ‘Trump made me do it.'”

Yiannopoulos was banned from Twitter last July for violating Twitter’s terms of service. He had been suspended twice before, each time for violating rules about targeted abuse toward other Twitter users. His racist and sexist public disparagement of Ghostbusters and Saturday Night Live star Leslie Jones made headlines.

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The social media demagogue saw his world begin to come crashing down when Simon & Schuster dropped his book deal back in February following ridiculous pro-pederasty comments. Shortly thereafter, he resigned from his position at Breitbart.

  • Genia K Stevens

    If Fox News told ya’ll that was a gang symbol, all of you who claim the liberals are overreacting and that the white power symbol rumors are false, you wouldn’t hesitate for a split second to believe it was a gang symbol.

  • D. McCue

    Look out! There are Neo-Nazis right behind you!

  • Kali M

    I love imagining you talking like this in person. It really makes a case for how awful and pretentious people can be. Your arguments amount to the tone and effect of a whiny bully. I’m sure you never show this nasty side of you in face to face interactions, or you’d get nowhere in life, you’d constantly have to be put in timeout. Grow up.

  • luminousbluebird

    Is the Neo Nazi reference a fact?

    I don’t understand what this “news” is trying to tell me. I feel like I’m reading an editorial.

  • John Cross

    I’m a white nationalist, take it from me, Milo is anything but a white supremacist of any kind, he himself promotes race mixing.

  • Damo

    What? I hate the alt right. I hate Trump. I actively campaigned against him. I don’t know a thing about Milo, other than the headlines seem to accuse him of being an attention whore. And dammit, I am under 50 and I use the OK sign.

    You are just as bad as the people you are trying to displace.

  • Damo

    Perhaps some old fucks would–the same ones that believed in lipstick parties a few years ago and that beef in the US was tainted–oh wait that was Oprah’s fans that believed the lies Oprah was saying. What was your point again? Some people are gullible?