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Mitt Romney: We Have To Hang Obama By The Neck

gay news, racism, racist, threat, press conference, misery index
Mitt Romney: "We're going to have to hang the Obama misery index around his neck."

Although we’re a gay blog, we shine our rainbow spotlight on other issues we find equally deserving of your attention and/or outrage. We watched this press conference clip three times this morning and had to pick our jaws off of the desk after each time.

Mitt Romney, a Republican presidential candidate, told reporters at a press conference that we need to hang Barack Obama, the President of the United States, by his neck. I care little for the flimsy metaphor sewn into his comment. The man said we have to hang Obama by the neck.

Romney clearly planned this horrid metaphor in advance. It’s a wink to the racists, birthers and conservatives out there that don’t want to see a black man in office, but allows just enough deniability in the event of liberals (rightfully) freaking the hell out about a presidential candidate suggesting we hang his adversary, a black man.

It’s important to hold Romney accountable for this insanity. If and when he attempts to dance his way out of the very clear implications of his metaphor, it should be noted that the type of person who “accidentally” uses lynching metaphors at any time, let alone on television, has zero business serving our nation as its president. Ever.

While this behavior is unacceptable and certainly offensive to all Americans, it’s unfortunately not unexpected. We did after all, just close out a week dominated by Donald Trump’s racist jabs at the President of the United States – A black man could never get into Harvard, a black man needs to personally show me his birth certificate, etc.

Here’s hoping that it’s exactly these types of thinly-veiled and racially-charged threats against the President of our country that will be the downfall of the Republican party in the coming election. No matter how you feel about Obama, I hope you agree that Mitt Romney’s insinuation literal threat to hang the president is completely unacceptable.


  • The most jaw-dropping part is that it gets APPLAUSE.

  • well said. what an appalling and yet unfortunately EXPECTED comment from Romney.

    Let’s not forget this man’s religious texts, up until rather recently, promoted the idea that black people had their skin darkened by God as a “curse” for being a fallen race of Cain.

    This is a sickeningly ugly comment from Romney, indicative of his utter lack of character.

  • Anonymous

    Unicorn Booty totally swayed the context and the qoute in their title. Shame on them.

  • Anonymous

    Only a fool would go “straight” to the racist interpretation of his comment. It was just fine and acceptable for people to call for George W. Bush to be killed, even writing books about it, but use this metaphore about a black man and it becomes racist. Pahlease! It is clearly an attack on his policies, which have been horrid to say the least. All the extreme left can do is keep blaming Bush, get over it. 2 years + is plenty of time to right the wrongs of the previous administration. Your beloved Clinton did it and Bush Sr. in record time, according those same extreme left. Simply pathetic! Lets work a little harder on being fair and balanced.

  • You may be right about only a fool jumping to the racist interpretation but do you know what a else a fool would do? Make a reference to hanging someone who is black when it is overtly clear that America has had a history involving lynching and the like. So either Romney is making a racist comment or he is simply a fool- take your pick. Also, Obama’s policies have done wonders for the nation. The recession was halted in its tracks, unemployment has fallen to 8.8%, the health care law IS helping Americans with being able to afford health insurance, and a plethora of other achievements. You talk about the extreme left but what about the extreme right? Lets not forget that, yes, they are to blame for the recession and that because of their extreme conservatism the government almost shut down. The extreme right has also unleashed a full fledged assault on our education system which is insane! Yes, lets work harder on being fair and balanced, Wilbready, and lets give credit where it is due. Thank you.

  • You have GOT to be kidding me!!! Even metaphorically, this is so bad………..people wake up!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Obama care will bankrupt us, since there are no funds to pay for it. Shutting the government down is a good thing ever once on awhile. U can check the facts according to the CBO. Watch the clip again, mr. Romney was NOT making a racist comment. Btw, it was a conservative congress back in the 60’s that paved the way for racial equality. These are the facts. 8.8 unemployment and 1% growth is not halting a recession in it’s tracks. It’s stagnation.

  • that Republican congress is not to be compared with the one nowadays. The Republicans of the 60s didn’t want the government to control people’s lives. The one right now want the government to control some of the people’s lives! What do you call a party that supports DADT, DOMA? those are on the national level! They’re willing to pay just so the government can prevent Gays and Lesbians from wedding. Didn’t you just say we do not have funds?
    oh and as for using CBO as your source, it is governmental, but since congress is now Republican, it will say the stuff you say. Find some source that is impartial (CBO’s president is part of a conservative think tank). And I will take a wild guess here, you’re also a Republican ain’t ya?

  • Anonymous

    The CBO is non-partisan and said that while the Dems ran both houses. The Dems still run the Senate. I am not aligned with the social radicals, obviously. A true and just governing body, be it liberal or conservative, would keep out of the bedroom, gay or straight. Isn’t that fair? The last few years have shaken my core and I will never vote along party lines again. Obama is the worst fiscal president to date. That is a fact. Just ask the millions still looking for work.

  • Lori Smith

    Can you say Treason?

  • Anonymous

    This is a crime! He ought to be arrested for threatening the president. I am ashamed he is from Massachusetts!

  • “Mitt Romney: We have to hang Obama by the neck” – he never said that. What’s annoying here is how the media distorts things to make it appear like significant news. If he was alluding to something more racist intentionally, that’s up for debate.

  • thank you. perfect comment.

  • Athena

    I can’t stand Romney and the greater majority of the right but I think you are taking his comment taken completely out of context and manipulating it. It was a poorly worded comment about hanging Obama’s policies around his neck, not any reference to lynching or actually lynching Obama. I expect stupid things like this to come out of Romney’s mouth because he’s a grade A idiot but I don’t believe this was the premeditated racist comment you are trying to twist it to become. Nowhere does he say “We have to hang Obama by the neck” in any of that as the sensationalistic title of your article claims. He said, “We are going to talk about gas prices, housing foreclosures and we are going to hang him by that” and you can see the look of ‘oh shit’ immediately after he said it and yeah, he back tracks by saying ‘metaphorically speaking’ because he realized how stupid what he just said was and how it could be interpreted. He used a piss poor analogy Pres. Carter once used to mean, “make him take responsibility and own up to his policies/results” and then fumbled over the wording. It’s pretty obvious he was in no way trying to or meaning to make a racist comment and he certainly doesn’t seem to be “winking to the racists, birthers and conservatives out there that don’t want to see a black man in office” as you claim.

    Honestly, this article reminds me of the knee jerk, blown out of proportion, spin articles I’ve come to expect from the right. You’re pretty much doing the same thing they are. Shame on you.

  • Sherry

    Gimme a break. Romney is entitled to his opinion like everyone else, including Trump. There are a lot of people who agree with them and disagree with them. That’s the beauty of being an American.

  • Amy Vesper

    The worste fiscal time period since 1930, but this isn’t because of Obama. You have to look at all the presidents before him especially George W. Bush and almost %50 of federal tax money going to fund military. Yes Obama has played a role in the economy but his policies and actions did not start the economic downturn. Don’t you think that a lack of regulation has anything to do with this. You can’t go blaming the whole economy on Obama since this meltdown has been in the making for decades now.

  • I agree with a number of the comments below. Sure, he might’ve intentionally slipped, doing a wink-wink thing, but at no point did he utter the tagline words “we have to hang Obama by the neck”. They mentioned hanging his supposed failures on his neck, and “hanging him… so to speak, metaphorically”.

    Say all you want about it being a slip, and let that be the deciding factor. When you alter the facts to make it look more exciting, you’re pulling a Faux News. Don’t sink to their level.

  • William N. Cate III

    Unicorn Booty: Misquotes and Skewed Interpretations.
    Just callin’ it like I see it.

  • I agree with a number of people here. Like a few other stories by Kevin, the comment and it’s context has been skewed. Seriously, if you want to be taken seriously, don’t act like Fox News. He clearly said we have to hang his “misery index around his neck”. To say that he was secretly talking about lynching Obama would be ridiculous. Come on, please, think before you write next time.

  • MGJ

    You white folks don’t have a freaking clue…

  • MGJ

    Especially those born in the 70’s and up have no clue what the “code words” are nor what they were. Hell yes those of us who know and experienced Jim Crow days will never forget and we will NOT ALLOW YOU TO MARGINALIZE WHAT HAPPENED TO US…