MN Rep. Tony Cornish Tells Pro-LGBT Constituent to ‘Give it a rest!!!!!!!!!!!!’

Yes, there really are twelve exclamation points there. Tony Cornish is just not having any pansy pro-gay nonsense on his watch. When a concerned constituent wrote to her State Representative expressing her concern over his support for a proposed constitutional ban on gay marriage in Minnesota, Cornish simply disregarded her letter with the response you are seeing below.


Tony Cornish has HAD IT with these motherfucking gays on this motherfucking plane!

If Cornish is unwilling or unable to address the political concerns of the people he was elected to represent, then perhaps it’s his political career that should be put to rest.

You are of course invited to let Mr. Cornish know how you feel about his brusque response in an email of your own. Send a letter and sound off. No death threats or “go to hell” crazy talk, please. Just tell the man how you feel.

Via Reddit

  • Anonymous

    While I’m sure this is how Rep. Cornish feels, this is almost surely a fake.

  • I can independently confirm Rep. Cornish’s remark, “Give it a rest!!!!!!!!!!!!” as I have email confirmation from the Rep. giving the reason behind his response in two separate emails he sent me this afternoon.  This was not a fake story.

  • Steven Griffin

    He made a personal reply to me. Our cause is not about hate for wishing ill will. your respectful opinions matter. Adding more hate DOES NOTHING!

  • Noelle Lorraine

    Another unprofessional letter from Tony Cornish! 

  • William N. Cate III

    Sent just now:
    No, Representative Cornish, YOU give it a rest.
    I predict you might find out what happens to your poll numbers when
    your state finds out how you respond to your constituents.
    Good luck defending your terrible, hate-driven law.

    They see me trollin’, they hatin’.

  • I sent him an email as well