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Montana Strips Local Anti-Discrimination Laws; Removes LGBT Protections From Towns

montana, gay news, gay blog, missoula, discrimination
It's pretty safe to say that Rep. Kristin Hansen doesn't like gay people.

A Montana House Committee has approved a bill that strips Missoula, Montana’s local anti-discrimination laws protection LGBT citizens of all power. That’s right folks, Montana has ordered one of it’s towns to allow discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender.

The deplorable bill in question, Republican Representative Kristin Hansen’s House Bill 516, prohibits local governments from enacting ordinances or other policies that include, as a protected class from discrimination, any groups not included under the Montana Human Rights Act, effectively leaving gays and lesbians open to discrimination. On purpose.

The group also voted to not add LGBT people to the protected list under Montana’s Human Rights Charter.

Montana’s House has told it’s cities and towns that they may not shield LGBT’s from discrimination. They are legally required to allow the unfair and unequal treatment of their gay citizens.

We report on a lot of flabbergastingly bad news around here, but this… This is just too much. Maybe I’m having an emo day here or something, but this just hurts to read. How could Montana, or anyone for that matter, do this? And why would they want to?

I’m just shocked.

Via The Missoulan

  • As I have thought to myself, PEOPLE care about things out of their own hands as EXTREMESTs. Why don’t they just go about their own lives and care about what they can control, and not other things that do not include them – thats probably why they are like, “I want a divorce!”

  • Anonymous

    this takes the cake. I mean this has to stop!!!!! post this everywhere and let it heard. fight to make it stop!

  • This is ridiculous, what is wrong with the world…. Land Of The Free my ass

  • Jim

    “Doesn’t like gay people” – she is SO a closet lesbian. Is Montana even IN the United States?

  • Jim

    Seriously though, what exactly is Ms. Hansens reasoning for this piece of shit legislation? Was her mother frightened by a female softball team while pregnant with her? (Sorry, just can’t help joking about things like this because otherwise I might end up – well, exploding.)

  • ted

    Take a deep breath. This is just a committee, and has the Democratic governor said anything about signing such a bill?

  • Drew Agler

    Hmmm….. I wonder how the state’s coffers feel about a mass exodus?

  • Cc

    ok, i just wasn’t crazy about montanna before, now i’m NEVER EVER gonna go there. Srsly, I understand (kinda) not putting protections in your constitution, but actually preventing towns and cities from protecting their people? That is a Palin-sized political d*ck move.

  • Sadly, I hail from Montana. And I am disappointed in our states “government” for allowing this bill to pass. And of course Montana is a part of the US… Canada didn’t want us. I hope we can get more people supporting the repealing of this bill. No one should have to go through that!

  • Anonymous

    i am a gay individual that unfortunately has to live in an opressive goverment……how sad

  • Anonymous

    i am a gay individual that unfourtanatly has to live in an opressive goverment……how sad