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More ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Ridiculousness

gay blog, gay news, tennessee, senate, schools, homosexuality, illegal
Your homework: To speak out against the Don't Say Gay Bill. Go on now. Get to work.

MSNBC gets to the horrible, horrible bottom of the entire ordeal.

“What will happen is a kid comes to a teacher and says he or she is gay?”

“Well, it would be illegal if the teacher were to then respond and entertain some kind of a conversation. I don’t understand this Richard, and I can only assume that it’s born of some naivety that says “If you say it, then you’re gonna catch it.” You know, as if you could catch “the gay” or some such thing.”

The video is absolutely worth a moment of your time.

Let’s all do our part to curb the pervasive ignorance surrounding this bill and spread our deep concern and offense to this bill like wildfire. Tennessee obviously cannot be trusted to regulate itself on this matter. The rest of us across the country need to hold the state accountable. Tell your family and friends about this bill, share it on Facebook and Twitter. Our job here is to shame Tennessee into abandoning this law.

Because seriously, they should be ashamed of themselves.

  • this is a wtf i really hope they read comments because this will put their system to shame!

    plus lets tell them what blasphemy means: it means a lie, has no proof etc.

    anything and everything they say do or think is created because of personal ignorance the inability to accept that you may not like something but that doesn’t mean you get a say in weather it should or shouldn’t exist!

    heres a simple solution – don’t like don’t look, hell don’t even acknowledge it then. if you do all your doing is making an ass outta yourself for starters, and giving everyone else a reason to punch you in the face for discrimination for indifference!

  • William N. Cate III

    Tennesseean here. Sent letters to my district reps. This bill MUST BE STOPPED.
    By the way, Unicorn Booty, please don’t make blatant generalizations about us Tennesseeans. This is the fault of some jackasses in our school systems and our government, not constituents like myself.

  • Are they also banned from saying terms meaning straight? This is horrible.

  • DarkerMarker

    did we not learn anything from the Annoka-Hennepin’s school district’s scandal with the same type of bill, 7 children killing themselves in the 2 years after it was approved and the lawsuit that followed?