Mr Nude York

Mr. Nude York Got Hot Men of Manhattan in the Buff (Photos)

The sixth annual Mr. Nude York took over New York City’s The Cock last night.

An all nude male beauty pageant, event producer Daniel Nardicio packed lots of eager on lookers and sexy as fuck pageant princes in the basement of the East Village gay watering hole.

Andre “The Giant” ended up winning the coveted title and the $500 cash prize.

“Mr Nude York exceeded my expectations,” Nardicio told us. “Biggest crowd ever and I think the winner is so hot. He will carry the duties of Mr. Nude York well for 2017. He’s going to be opening malls in Long Island and speaking at schools about the importance of public nudity and inappropriate sexual behavior. And I am personally thrilled this #MrNudeYorkSoWhite is over.”

Take a look at all the sexiness from Mr. Nude York below:

  • As I said in posts announcing my throwing my name in the hat, I entered the contest 4 of the 5 previous years as a means for medium to dark-complexioned males to finally be seen as specimens of beauty the way lighter people are. Instead of blending into the crowd, and being silent on how they are dismissed. However, just as I was about to make it official, something in my brain said, “I know you said you’re going for it, but your work is done. Have fun and watch.”

    I initially felt guilty for backing out, because once I say publicly that I’m going to do something, 90+% of the time, I follow through. But it turned out for the best. For there was more ethnic and color diversity among the contestants this year than ever before. A diversity that also resulted in the contest’s 1st black winner. Whoo-hoo!

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