Must Watch: Hide-Penis Dance

Dude, we’re totally in love with the Hide-Penis Dance. And you should be too! Get to watching!

So good!

  • Wow…just WOW!

  • Good to know! Thanks, pal!

  • Travis Owen

    One small (hehe) correction. They are not trying to hide their penises, they are hiding there pubic hairs. It’s Japanese cultural taboo to show pubes. But anything else is ok.

  • Anonymous

    it is so much fun to watch¡¡¡¡¡but i will kill just to have a sneaky peak I am so partial to asian guys¡¡¡¡TY for share¡¡¡

  • Nick Jones

    love the baseball game! haha

  • I almost died at the part with the ping-pong balls. Hysterical! I love it!