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Some People Are Pissed at This Video of a Naked Hockey Player Walking Around the Office

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To celebrate the National Hockey League’s 100th birthday, the Anaheim Ducks released a video of a naked hockey player. The video shows Ducks’ team center Ryan Kesler walking around the office in his “birthday suit.” After people began to complain about the video being “in poor taste” considering the growing sensitivity to sexual harassment in the workplace, the Anaheim Ducks quickly pulled it off of Twitter and apologized.

What happens in the naked hockey player video

In the video, Kesler — a furry, tattooed, bearded brunet in a cap — walks around barefoot and naked. A large black box and digitized area covers his lower abdomen and crotch. Several of his co-workers are obviously surprised and a little freaked out by his nudity. Jaunty piano music plays.

It ends with a male employee saying, “Kes, what are you doing, bud? You got no clothes on!”

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Kesler replies, “It’s the NHL’s 100th birthday. I’m celebrating in my birthday suit, dude,” and walks offscreen with a slight wiggle of his shoulders.


Here’s video of the naked hockey player:

This isn’t the first time that Kesler has gotten nude for athletics. In 2011 he posed for an athletic underwear ad (below).

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That same year, he posed naked for The Body Issue of ESPN Magazine.

Ryan Kesler in a 2011 underwear ad

The Anaheim Ducks apologize for the naked hockey player video

Considering the numerous allegations of workplace sexual harassment currently dominating U.S. headlines, some viewers saw Kesler’s video in poor taste.

On Twitter, the Anaheim Ducks wrote: “Our tweet posted earlier today was meant to be a lighthearted video celebrating the NHL’s 100th birthday. We realize in retrospect the content of the video may have been insensitive and we have removed the video and apologize.”

  • Mere nudity at work — that is, nonsexual nudity, since nudity is not inherently sexual — is not “tone deaf” or tantamount to workplace sexual harassment. It’s just the man’s unclothed body. He’s not trying to make people look at him, he’s not walking around with a raging boner. Is wearing shorts at work sexually harassing? What about sandals? What about being shirtless? Yes, showing LOTS of bare skin is not typical professional dress, but harassment is way more about behavior, and happens regardless of perpetrators’ and victims’ clothing choices. If people don’t have a problem with this man being naked in the Body Issue, what’s so bad about joking about celebrating the NHL’s birthday in one’s birthday suit?