Navy Chaplain Fighting Dismissal For Being Anti-Gay

Pentecostal Navy chaplain, Lieutenant Commander Wesley Modder, has been called “intolerant” and “unable to function in the diverse and pluralistic environment” after allegedly telling soldiers that homosexuality is wrong and that “the penis was meant for the vagina and not for the anus.” Oh God.

Modder was serving at the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command facility in South Carolina on February 17th when he received a letter outlining complains against him including:

– telling a woman who had premarital sex that she was “shaming herself in the eyes of god.

– telling a student that he could “save” people from being gay.

– berating a student for getting pregnant out of wedlock.

navy-chaplain-dimissed-for-being-anti-gay-1According to the Military Times: “The issue arose after multiple sailors filed equal opportunity complaints about Modder with the command, alleging discrimination.

When confronted with the complaints, Modder told his command that ‘he will not follow Navy policy if it conflicts with his faith.’

Officials decided that ‘counseling is inappropriate in this case’ and that Modder ‘must be removed from the command.’”

Modder has been temporarily reassigned as a staff chaplain at the Naval Support Activity center in Charleston while the Navy mulls over what to do with him. If he gets the boot, he could lose his retirement benefits, so naturally he’s fighting it.

But he’s fighting it with the odious The Family Research Council — a group that wants to criminalize gay sex and deny people birth control — and the Liberty Council, a legal group that ostensibly “advocates for religious expression in the military and in public institutions,” but whose spokespeople compare gay marriage to Nazism and call breast cancer a punishment for abortion.

Keep in mind that Modder isn’t denying the accusations against him. Rather, the Liberty Council (who made the charming video above) says that Modder’s dismissal violates a 2013 Congressional law absolving that chaplains from performing “any rite, ritual or ceremony that contrary to [their] conscience, moral principles or religious beliefs.”

But even though the Pentecostal church stands opposed to homosexuality, Modder still has an obligation to create a welcoming environment for soldiers of all sexual orientations and practices. If he can’t do that without condemning or insulting them, he shouldn’t be working as a spiritual advisor, in the military or anywhere other than a Pentecostal church.

  • I adore you and your Friday Freak outs make my Weekend!!! Thanks so much for having a place that shows so much about the everyday freak outs on Homosexuality, bi-sexuality and just sexuality. You Rock!!! Never Stop!!! I will always be a Fan!!! Love From the Nutz!

  • So this week’s wrap-up made me realize that this week was an insane week in the news for the community.  I mean on the severely messed up spectrum there’s the guy in Africa getting beaten and burned(the truth of if he was actually gay nonwithstanding, that was truly horrific), to crazy politicians thinking there are homosexual assassins(wonder what kind of weapons would be used and how they would be accessorized), to of course religious nutjobs coming out with the Gay Conversion Theory of the Week, it’s been all over the place.  What makes it even more wilder is that National Coming Out Day was this week as well. I really can’t describe how I ffel about the week’s events, which is very rare.

  • Again, I state that the man burned wasn’t because he was gay (which he probably wasn’t) but it was because he was a thief. In Nigeria, where this video was taken, it’s very common that thieves are burned to death if they’re caught in the act. In Nigeria, we don’t even burn homosexuals. Even heterosexual nigerians can confirm that for you. But being a thief in Nigeria is highly looked down upon. How they cope with it, well a lot of undereducated and poor nigerians tend to take matters into their own hands since the law isn’t strongly enforced there. This is what we call, Jungle Justice. I’ve witnessed it there so many times. 
    I just want unicorn booty to stop saying that that man was gay or burned alive because he was gay. That was never the issue and my country, Nigeria, would never do such a thing.

  • Thanks for these videos, Nick!  As much as I love reading, sometimes I need some talking-to with me news 🙂