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NBA Stars Against Anti-Gay Language

gay blog, gay news, psa, phoenix suns, glsen, anti-gay language
Jared Dudley for GLSEN

Grant Hill and Jared Dudley are putting their celebrity to good use in the wake of Kobe Bryant’s non-apology for screaming “Faggot” at a referee on live television. The two Phoenix Suns stars teamed up for GLSEN and the Ad Council’s ‘Think Before You Speak’ PSA, urging fans to drop anti-gay taunting from their vocabulary.

Dudley’s portion of the video includes him telling fans, “It’s not creative, it’s offensive to gay people, and you’re better than that.” Somewhere in Brentwood, Kobe Bryant’s ears are on fire.

The PSA comes off really well, and avoids sounding hokey. Grant Hill hasn’t crossed my mind since he played for the Detroit Pistons when I was a teenager (It’s OK to date yourself when you’re only 27, right?), but his work here absolutely makes me respect him in a major way.

I’m really happy to see other NBA stars standing up for what’s right and confronting homophobia head on, even as Kobe Bryant dances around his offensive display.

What do you think of GLSEN’s PSA?

  • I like this, but it’s important to not confuse “action” with “reaction”. This is still a reaction to me, I hope ads/ opinions/ actions like this continue happening & garnering press beyond Kobe’s “15 minutes of Shame.”