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NH Teabaggers Against Defending DOMA

gay blog, marriage equality, gay news, same-sex, teabaggers
Gay marriage? Ain't no thang!

Gay marriage? Who cares? Check out this refreshing clip from a New Hampshire Tea Party rally. Even these rightwing conservatives can’t figure out why gay marriage is such a big deal.

In fact, nobody has notice a single change at all since the state legalized same-sex marriage last year.

Food for thought, eh?

Are you surprised to hear the Tea Party has got our backs on this one?

  • “The Tea Party” needs to be differentiated from individual “Tea Partiers.” The Tea Party leaders are wholly against us, from Sarah Palin to Ron Paul, who said that recognizing same-sex marriage at the federal level would be “an act of social engineering profoundly hostile to liberty.”

  • Jessica Bridges

    Not surprising. The Tea Party officially has no stand on social issues. They are not an official “Party” like Republicans or Democrats – their concerns are solely economic.

    I think the confusion comes in because the Tea Party has drawn supporters from Republican and Libertarian ranks. Those individuals will have their own views on social issues, but those are not “Tea Party” views – they are either socially conservative (from the Republicans) or socially liberal (from the Libertarians).

    The Tea Party’s views are all about lower taxes and reduced government spending (which leads a little to limited government in general) – the basis of both Republican and Libertaian issues.

  • C Mae

    And yet you still call them “Tea Baggers”. Really nice. Very respectful.