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No Gays, Muslims or Mexicans: the Bigot’s Garage Sale

If you’ve spent any time browsing the For Sale section on Craigslist, you are well aware of the kooky vibe that permeates. That’s part of the charm, after all!

Now imagine that you’ve found a fantastic sale: an entire house’s goods up for grabs. You respond to the posting, and, in addition to details on some killer bargains, the email response includes a hateful paragraph announcing that gays, Muslims, terrorists, and illegal immigrants are not welcomed to the sale!

Here’s the email, in its entirety:


i have been a bit overwhelmed by the response, so have devised an easier way to disseminate information and pix of the items for sale for all of you who have contacted me. i’ve set up a publicly accessible facebook photo album for items for sale. please post any questions you have on the facebook page, this way you will also know if someone else has already expressed interest in an item and at what price or if the item is sold, as i will mark it so.

additionally, there will be a garage sale this sunday, 17 july 2011 from 11am – 7pm, for the items already pictured in the album and more. photos will continue to be added via the mobile pix facebook album, so please also check there as internet access has already been disconnected in the home and it’s the only way to upload quickly and easily. all are welcome to the moving sale / garage sale except for LGBT people, illegal immigrants, and muslims, anyone else is warmly welcomed! no drama, terrorism, or illegal transactions with non-US citizens / illegal immigrants / people taking jobs away from people who belong and are legal in this country is desired. thanks.

email me on facebook to receive the address of this house which is located in the woodlea manor sub-division in leesburg, virginia – located conveniently off of route 15 south and less than 5 minutes from downtown leesburg.

the comments section on the photos is open to everyone on facebook, so please do not reply here and ONLY reply on facebook, i will only respond via the facebook site.

here is the moving sale photo album link containing several pix of items for sale:

[Link redacted]

mobile uploads folder, where i can easily upload any requested pix of additional items for sale:

[Link redacted]

if there are any real estate investors among you, please be advised the house is also for sale and i will be adding additional photos to this album:

[Link redacted]

-the minimum bid for this house starts at 440K plus an additional 5% which goes to the commissioner of sale. if the house does not sell in the next couple of weeks, it will be auctioned on the court house steps with the same minimum bid as the starting point. interested parties who would like to arrange a viewing of the house, etc. should contact the commissioner of sale, [redacted] at 703.777.[redacted] to set up an appointment. this is not a distressed sale, the house is not in foreclosure or anything like that, it is a contentious sale due to a happy divorce and the judge finally ordered the house be sold this way! 🙂

thank you for your interest!

The Gawker tipster who received this initial email responded to the woman, and asked, “In what way does someone’s sexual orientation or religion affect their ability to buy some crap out of your tacky Leesburg mcmansion,” and the happy divorcee responded with more vitriol:

i have gay friends, but i don’t need that kind of unknown drama element around me as i know how it can be at times. no thanks. just like i don’t want someone drunk or on drugs at the sale. homosexuality is a sin and i won’t stack up your sin against mine, but i can choose the type of people to whom my belongings will end up with … and what i’m supporting with that action. i cannot support homosexuality bc i feel it robs true soul mates from being with one another. nature / God / whatever one may believe intended one man for one woman. period. jmho. don’t hate me, i tolerate that these things exist … the only thing i have no tolerance for is islam … which, i would hope as a gay man you would also not tolerate (since they think all of you should be killed and i think that is WRONG).

best, -[redacted]

Perhaps this is just one big disgusting joke. Or perhaps this woman’s divorce has made her go batsh*t crazy, because now she’s trying to rally the gays against the Muslims. Or maybe she is taking the whole “free country” ideal to the polarizing extreme, where we each get to publicly discriminate against those people that we just don’t like.

No matter what the case, this is going down as one astonishingly horrid garage sale!

(via Gawker)

  • Trenton Flock

    The title suggests that she explicitly excludes “Mexicans” but technically, she excludes EVERYONE who is not an American; even a nice, white, Protestant European with a greencard would not be welcome…because she doesn’t need that kind of unknown drama element around her as she knows how it can be at times. One minute they’re making pleasant conversation about art and philosophy, and the next minute they’re running into your neighbors’ yard to kill the inhabitants and build a monastery or a vineyard or some shit.

  • I say picket the garage sale and the public auction.  We may be able to create enough bad will that nobody pays jack for any of her tacky furniture, and fingers crossed, her house sells for a pittance.  Although that may be her plan to screw over the bank/ex-husband.

  • Anonymous

    I bet her husband left her for a gay Mexican lol

  • Sonja Lund

    I think a Big Gay Shopping Day is in order.

  • “I have gay friends.”
    Not after they see that little hateful rant, beeyotch!

  • I’ll give you the benefit of doubt and assume that by Mexicans, you mean Mexican nationals and not Mexican americans. Please be more careful in your sensationalism to avoid falling prey to the same behaviors you find abhorrent…

  • I hope a bunch of straight, white, anarchists rob her lol. 

  • Anonymous

    Aw, the Facebook links didn’t work.  That made me sad.  I wanted to see her tacky shit.

    And you know it was tacky.  Did you see those deep purple walls?

  • I think gay people should attend this sale with straight friends. Bargain down her crap to the lowest penny, and then after she agrees, declare their sexuality and refuse to buy it! She’ll spend all day bargaining with people and not sell a damn thing. Honestly, if I lived in the area, I’d take my husband and buy something, and then lean in and tell her I’m bi… and walk away.

  • Damn. I’m out twice. 

  • Le Smith

    and this is why we have a lot of land out there to bury idiots like that!! 🙂 just saying, when you put something out there for the whole world to see, you might be careful of what you say, there are a lot of people out there who kill for less than what she just did.even religious non gay people. If she is reading this, this might be something that in the future you might think about. I dont feel sorry for those of you who treat others the way she did, who come up missing or dead. I myself would never waste my time or have my life taken away for killing another person but lets face it there so many people out there who just dont give a shit… think about it lady, your not god, so dont pretend you are!!

  • Le Smith

    now thats funny shit!!! LMAO

  • So what about if you are gay AND muslim….does that cancel each other out???   What about gay and mexican???  I know bunches of those being that I live in Tucson, AZ 😛 

    I like how she started that section off with “I have gay friends”, as if that makes the rest of what she says ok 🙂

  • A gay muslim mexican

  • enjoey

    I hope the cunts house burns down.

  • ShowMeGuy

    Carloads of us queers should do drive bys and GLITTER BOMB this crazy bitch’s ass. Then Muslims should do drive-bys and throw shoes at her. And then the *Mexicans* she pays minimum wage to mow her lawn should walk up to her and slap her across her stupid face.

    I hope it rains mad-crazy all day of her sale and nobody shows up.

  • ShowMeGuy

    I know a guy……..
    I’m just saying.


  • ShowMeGuy

    You know that for republinazi like her, the only Mexicans who count are the ones who work on her lawn.

  • ShowMeGuy

    You couldn’t pay me enough to haul away any of her tasteless trashy treasures.

  • Well, as terrible as i think she is being, there is one way you can look at it. She is saving us gays from buying such terribly tacky crap. Whew, i was so about to snatch up that red futon, love seat thing, good thing she saved me from it. 😛

  • Brydie Kelly

    There is a reason she is divorced!

  • E J

    She so does not have gay friends. That’s exactly what homophobes always say. 

  • BooBoo Bear

    I wonder if she ever read her Bible..Did she have a daughter?  She can be sold into slavery.
    Wonder if she’s ever had a milkshake and a hamburger? That’s a sin too.
    Wonder if she wears a latex bra and a cotton blouse? That’s a sin too.
    *(Wearing two different fabrics at the same time is a sin)
    Wonder if she ever eats ham, shrimp or lobster? That’s a sin too.
    Wonder if she planted two different things in her vegetable garden? That’s a sin too.
    Wonder why she’s getting divorced, didn’t she take her vows-til death to us part seriously?
    The sins above are actually “Abominations” unto God. Most of the times the “penalty is death”
    There are many other abominations that are mentioned in the Bible that most “Christians” are guilty of.