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NOM Calls VA Law ‘Mandatory Gay Adoption’

The National Organization for Marriage is at it again, this time in Virginia where they are calling a proposed Virginia gay-inclusive adoption law “mandatory gay adoption.”

The policy being proposed by the Virginia Department of Social Services would “prohibit acts of discrimination based on race, color, gender, national origin, age, religion, political beliefs, sexual orientation, disability, or family status” – which means that gay couples could not be prevented from adopting children, even by religion-based adoption agencies.

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NOM’s Maggie Gallagher said, “Rep. Anthony Weiner may have joked about ‘mandatory gay marriage,’ at the WH Correspondents dinner, but amazingly, Virginia’s Dept. of Social Services is proposing new regulations that would require all adoption and foster-care agencies to do gay adoptions.”

Yep, that’s exactly what the law would require, and if NOM weren’t so anti-gay they wouldn’t have a problem with it! What exactly do they have against gays being adoptive parents? Children without parents need safe, stable, kind and loving homes – and there are hundreds of gay couples willing and able to provide just that.

Gallagher went on to call it “mandatory gay adoption,” which just makes no sense. What, are all gays going to be required to adopt children? Or is it that straight couples are going to be forced to adopt all the gays? Or perhaps Virginia is just going to be adopted by the gays in one fell swoop? Shock horror!

Gay blog: Gay adoptions
Oh no! Gay babies everywhere!

NOM is also asking for people to submit comments to the VA government about the proposed clarification of adoption regulation, saying that it will “limit Christian adoption agencies from accepting Christian applicants” and “drive them out of business.” Or in other words, the religious adoption agencies would shut themselves down in protest, rather than place needy children in loving homes of LGBT-identified adoptive parents.

NOM would rather have these children end up without a family unit than be a part of an LGBT family, and they have no problem using discrimination against religious beliefs as reasoning for discriminating against gay couples:

Don’t hurt needy children by driving religious foster care and adoption agencies out of business. If an agency provides good parents for children, they should be embraced, not rejected by the state of Virginia. The message of exclusion you will send to children with strong religious identities, as well as to potential foster and adoptive parents is unconscionable and destructive. The state of Virginia Social Services has no right to impose this strange new morality on other people, to the detriment of the neediest children in our state.

It’s about time that NOM just steps up and admits that they are just an anti-LGBT organization, out to deny gays and lesbians rights at every turn.

At a campaign stop last summer, NOM’s president Brian Brown said that the group is only about standing up for “traditional” marriage between a man and a woman.

We’ve taken great pains to make clear what we are all about. We view ourselves as a new civil rights movement. … Committed to something that in the 1960s was key: the right to vote [on marriage]. We stand for tolerance.

Yeah, NOM stands for tolerance like women fake rapes for abortions. It’s complete bullshit! Tolerance is the willingness to recognize and respect the beliefs, practices and life of someone different than yourself. NOM practices tolerance in none of its dealings whatsoever, and it is simply a disgusting act of hypocrisy when they claim tolerance, and then try to block LGBT rights whenever and wherever they can.

NOM, admit it: you hate gays. You are well and truly out to get us, and to prevent us from having the same rights enjoyed by heterosexual people nationwide.

  • Anonymous

    It is interesting that NOM has decided that only “straight” couples are Christian when we have many Same Sex marriages who are Christian. So, what this comes down to is the same song but different dance. They are saying that if you are GLBT you are not Christian. NOM get a life!

  • Richard

    nothing more here than the usual gay bashing they repeatedly bombard us with, I’m a Gay Christian I tire of these wolves in sheep’s clothing continually trying to belittle and challenge our rights as human beings. Of course to me they look at us as something a bit lower on the foodchain of life than they are in their self Righteousness and awagger.As a Minister ordained by the Lord and Man I pray for the hearts minds and yea very souls of these judgemental fear filled people. It is sad to see people in an enlightened age still tainted by ignorance fear and hate.May the Lord bless and grow them in nHis Grace. Be Blessed Brother Richard Ralston

  • Gus Anderson

    What? Virginia is NOT going to discriminate against people based on political beliefs? Tha’ts just sick to think that children could end up in homes controlled by republinazi who only believe in the rights of the UNBORN. Someone needs to stop this insanity.

  • Anonymous

    As a gay Virginian, I was astonished that this was even on the table! Our commonwealth (that’s what we call our state) is so conservative, that I basically assumed that gay rights were not even being debated.
    As a side note, the American Psychiatric Association has shown evidence that same-sex couples can raise children that are as healthy and happy as ones raised by heterosexual couples.